1. Prolific Commenter  

    things are getting quiet around here. have a great summer everyone... see you in september!

    (possibly with a new comment system!)


    weren't working, which should explain the silence

  3. BLURG

    I am the ghost of deleted comments past. BLURG! BLURG! Thousands of hours of typing destryoed BLURG! BLURG!

  4. Riven  

    Now that everyone is gone the Campus looks nice...

  5. also  

    Because everyone has gone the campus looks nice...

  6. hairs  

    my suite looks like a tornado hit it. boo interim housing. :(

  7. Alum

    The buiding in the photo is Greene (the law school), not SIPA. The view is toward 116th St., and Wien is off camera to the left.

    • well  

      it could still technically be called SIPA plaza...

      • Alum

        The plaza is actually part of Greene; it is on top of three first-floor lecture halls. Greene (which was originally known simply as Law) was built before SIPA, so this portion of the plaza existed before SIPA was even on the drawing boards.

        The SIPA plaza is the area which is on top of the low-rise portion of the SIPA building, not the area on top of the analogous portion of Greene. It was designed to line up with the pre-existing plaza that surrounded the upper floors of Greene, but SIPA and Greene are still distinct structures.

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