1. keb

    I love love love the facebook article. Keep up the good work next year!

  2. nice

    that frontiers article wasn't so hot (no real conclusion, way too much of the author's voice when it totally wasn't necessary for the article), but the facebook one and the one on Neuhaus especially were great.

    fire your copy editor, though! awful mistakes throughout the print edition. luckily the content was good, so it's forgivable.

    • ehh  

      The facebook article's content was interesting, but the article was meandering and didn't have any kind of analysis. It read like a book report, and consequently I was bored. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  3. rick ross

    i spit crack, every verse a ki

  4. A sycophant

    I have to say that I was a little dissapointed by the Frontiers article. Calling those of us who actually participated in class "sycophants" was a little insulting. I, for one, really enjoyed the course, and I think the displeasure voiced by many of my peers was due to a lack of effort on their part, not the responsibility of Helfand or the design of the course. The jist article seemed to criticize the course for lacking something like entertainment value, which I find to be a little strange. I don't go to seminars or lectures expecting the professor to "stimulate" or "engage" me as if I were attending a show or movie. I go to learn and participate, which generally provides all of the "stimulation" that I need. Granted, a skilled and passionate seminar leader can help (I had Dr. Gill), but I think that personal interest and engagement ultimately lies on the shoulders of the student.

  5. Sycophant

    *The jist OF THE article*

  6. rjt

    *The GIST of the article*

    no remorse.

  7. I remember

    Lydia asking a question at a FroSci lecture.
    SYCOPHANT!! The Blue & White condemns you.

  8. Rick Ross

    Boss, it what i does
    I get money eryday, eryday i does

  9. I piloted

    the course 4 years ago. Why oh why did I take a class with 9 am Friday lectures? And I didn't even get an all-star professor to lead my discussion section.

    In retrospect, it was a harbinger of things to come... core classes taught by grad students, and Friday classes.

    College, I want a refund.

  10. comment

    Frontiers was really not so bad. The neuroscience and astrophysics section of my course were excellent. I had a very good section leader.

    Scientific Habits of Mind is an excellent book on some key aspects of the scientific method. (Read, for example, the stuff on regression to the mean). It is clear, and well-written, and deserves a wider audience than just Columbia students.

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