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hhhDear Readers,

Thank you for your feedback on how to change our comment system–the knowledge out there is pretty impressive. Although various digg/bury and registration systems are intriguing, we’ve decided to keep it simple for now and stick with the system we described originally. Starting with this post, if you click on one comment, the rest of the comments in that thread made from the same IP address will be highlighted in yellow. (That means no more conversations with yourself. Yeah, you know who you are.) However, this doesn’t have to be the end of comment reform; if you guys hate it, we’ll keep tinkering.

Also, we realize that just one comment can be as inappropriate as many. As such, here are some new ground rules. You’re free to post whatever you want, but know that your comment will be deleted if:

1) It contains a full name, at the request of the one named.

2) It contains ethnic, gender, or sexual-orientation slurs.

3) It contains deliberate and malicious untruths, or irrelevant and ad hominem attacks.

4) It’s blatantly insensitive to recent events (i.e. VATech jokes).

Finally, if you continue to spew bile, we have no problem with banning your IP. If you have concerns, please let us know at [email protected]

Missing y’all already,

Bwog Staff




  1. No VT?

    Can I still make jokes about suicide bombers in Iraq? What if something bad happens in Canada? What if American college students with Canadian clothes die in Baghdad at the hands of another American? Would a joke be okay then?

    I'm just joshin' ya'. This is pretty much status quo. Thanks for not increasing censoring while simultaneously allowing us to ignore trolls.

    p.s. maybe add ethnic slurs to #2? Or is that what you mean by racial?

  2. Good Luck!  

    How do I untrack an IP? I just clicked on track for post 1, and can't un-highlight it.

    • I hope

      this doesn't mean my relentless hitting on Lydia can be tracked back to my dorm.

      Or maybe I do... hey Lydia, you can trace my IP anytime...

      • man  

        i thought i was the only one bold enough to dare lydia into tracking my ip address.

        although, i think in my case she actually did. might explain why she refuses to talk to me/make eye contact. oh well. that's college for ya.

        • IPs  

          You can't identify the individual user solely from an IP address on campus; it maps to a subnode that is generally a residence hall or sometimes a floor. CUIT can identify the associated MAC address, but then if you're spoofing that, they've got to isolate you by trial and error.

  3. test 2

    ...killed the cat

  4. blue  

    The real loser here is, of course Alex Weinberg.

  5. why

    arent't that dude's 2 comments highlighted? Is the new system in effect?

  6. RIP

    Rest in Peace, BWOG


  7. whew

    thank god barnard jokes aren't on the list.

  8. temporary IP  

    ha ha! bwog is stupid to do this. i'll never be blocked because i can refresh my ip at the click of a button. bwog sucks.

  9. so,

    if someone posts obscene crap on bwog from every library/lerner/etc computer, it will become basically impossible to comment from campus computers? interesting.

  10. Bwog  

    bwog is cognizant of the difference between a dorm IP that's bannable and a campus one that would be useless to clamp down on

  11. block this

    hahaha I am annoying and invincible to boot! fear me!

  12. bravo to bwog

    Good system

  13. nice  

    one tweak: can track be made toggle-able?

  14. Question

    Are ad homonym attacks, i.e. against phags, still allowed?

  15. Anonymous

    I guess this is better than nothing... still, I would have liked to seen a policy that didn't leave the deleting of posts completely at the discretion of Bwog staff. But props to Bwog for putting something in place quickly.

  16. cuit netinfra  

    Save for computers that need to be remotely accessed and are thus registered, almost everyone on this campus is using dynamic IP. Banning an IP would stop whoever is using it for like 6 hours until the computer releases and renews its DHCP lease. Furthermore, banning that IP forever would then make random people unable to post because they were statically assigned the IP that was once given to a troll.

    • John Klopfer  

      I challenge you! My pal works for CUIT and has told quite a few stories about people that get blocked out for downloading silly movies like Finding Nemo. To get access back, they have to swap IP and then, after they get nailed on their port address (which happens) use someone's else.

      Presumably troll addresses could be rolled over every year, as people move rooms every year.

      • hi again  

        a MAC address CAN BE BANNED by the host, but not an IP (that doesn't even make sense in the context of a switch). At CUIT, we have access through the switch to who (what MAC) is trying to get a DHCP lease. But an IP will do you no good, and that's all Bwog has. Basically, you're talking about two different levels of interaction with the troll.

  17. waaaah

    it doesn't work for me! why??

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