Columbia to Spew Graduates, not Carbon

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jjhAccording to a press release by University Spokesman Robert Hornsby, carbon emitted by Commencement ceremonies starting about now (watch the live webcast here!) will be offset by the purchase of carbon credits, which pay for carbon absorption projects around the world. It’s all the rage among the guilty-conscience set–and now you can calculate just how much greenhouse gas you’re pumping into the atmosphere on your ride home! Bwog’s only remaining question: did they factor in what will be coming out of Prezbo’s mouth?

Also, some leftovers:

Via Ivygate: All you Office fanatics, the show came to Columbia just as you left.

And…at least somebody liked Quigley’s speech.

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  1. please?

    can you guys post the class day program?

  2. prolific

    go capitalism!

    "it's sweeping around the world"

    hurrah! hurrah! hurrah!

  3. Ian  

    Does anyone else think PrezBo's speech was written by a pack of chimpanzees hiding in Low basement? Cackling as they wikipedia pop-culture references and then throwing them all into a hat and drawing them out one at a time and adding them to his speech? Let's games, world financial markets, Bono.....

  4. ...

    This was by far the worst of Bollinger's commencement addresses. There seemed to be far too much ad-libbing interjected only by poorly placed (and largely abused) pop culture references, with no fewer than perhaps a dozen American Idol remarks (do college kids watch that or am I out of touch?)...

    I thought Awn's remark about the indebtedness (get it?) of GS students was very clever and well placed.

  5. hcr  

    grammar error: "you can calculate just how much greenhouse gas YOUR pumping "

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