Is it true what they say about short guys?

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The late John K. Lattimer, the military buff and ex-professor and chairman of the urology department at Columbia’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, was noted in yesterday’s New York Times as the latest owner of Napoleon’s penis. Check it:

lattimer“Dr. Lattimer, a urologist, could claim a professional interest in Napoleon’s genitalia. Not so its previous owner, the Philadelphia bookseller and collector A. S. W. Rosenbach, who took a ‘Rabelaisian delight’ in the relic, according to his biographer, Edwin Wolf. When Rosenbach put the penis on display at the Museum of French Art in New York, visitors peered into a vitrine to see something that looked like a maltreated shoelace, or a shriveled eel.”

Concludes the columnist who made these observations: “it’s time to let Napoleon’s penis rest in peace.”

Thanks to CJS for the tip.

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  1. you're right,  

    professors ARE just like us! for i, too, collect genitalia of great military leaders of the early 19th century.

    good, i thought i was the only on

  2. CJS

    the article also points out that dr. lattimer possessed the bloodstained collar lincoln had on while assassinated, as well as hermann goehring's cyanide.

  3. so who

    has the penis now??! Columbia??!?!

  4. is there

    some kind of curse associated with this?

  5. HCA

    I'm ashamed to admit that I watch the history channel and saw a special on Napoleon's penis. I have to admit it's fascinating...although I wouldn't spend very much money on the thing.

    On another note, I looked at my beautiful penis and shuddered to think that one day it will shrivel into a dry pea-pod.

    Ubi sunt qui ante nos fuerent?

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