1. Actually...

    That was a very good speech in my opinion...

  2. mannamanna

    ermmm yeah. disappointing.

    • expectations

      high much?

    • disappointing?!

      there was no way he could have been "disappointing" because this (excessively attractive man) had absolutely no expectations, except to be ridiculously, ridiculously good looking. and that he was. also, j.j. abrams wrote a cute little speech that definitely could have made an appearance on lost. it was schmaltzy hollywood, and that was completely transparent, so that made it wonderful. for those of us who love falling for that schmaltz, just now and then (despite some the shame that comes with such a love...but, never apologize? oh my).

  3. Sayid

    Yeah Jack, blow them Others back to hell!

  4. he should have

    given answers to Lost.

    But the first part was hilarious.

  5. ghostwritten???

    is the fact that we think it's ghostwritten an incredible underestimation of matthew fox?

    i think the speech was just slightly bad enough such that it was actually him, but not polished enough that it could have been anyone who makes a living off of butchering the english language.

  6. a big plus  

    i think his speech was the best purely because no one had any expectations because he's not the most prestigious alumn. Kagge's speech was good too.

    Everyone else's sepech was bad. except Quigley. the little train part was hilarious

  7. cu alum

    after feeling skepticism about fox being chosen as class day speaker, i must say he was much better than mccain. go julia! btw, love how THIS year they get the tents on a perfectly sunny day... and how last year we were told that it's "impossible" to have tents covering us.

  8. they

    should be happy there were tents. poeple could have passed out from the heat.

  9. sittingonthcouch

    great speech! far better than mccain's. it doesn't matter how prestigious the person is, but how much they can relate to a graduating class. for ex: my high school class speaker was sarah jones, not famous at the time i graduated, but she was amazing and inspiring. the year after mine had kofi annan. he is presitigous as hell but gave a terrible and dry speech.

  10. cc 07

    everyone i talked to at class day was incredibly impressed with fox's speech. it touched me, and it touched my friends - and yes, we were all skeptical about him going in there. unless we know for sure that this was a ghostwritten speech, it's grossly unfair to call it that. fox deserves an apology and thanks for his speech - not more embarrassing middle-class elitism.

  11. Check writer

    The campus looked great - it is so nice that they clean it up for the first and last days of the year.

    I needed to be told who Matthew Fox was when his name was announced but I thought the speech was wonderful. He disarmed the crowd with his charm from start to finish.

  12. bwog

    you totally suck. youre the ones that made the big deal about matthew fox in the first place-- an unwarranted big deal-- and now you cannot even give him the sincere respect he deserves. youre such a bunch of losers.

  13. Foog

    Pop Culture Surrealism: 1, Reality: 0

  14. yay Fox

    I liked his speech. During McCain's, the audience was tense and the speech was basically "you think you know what you're talking about, but you don't." Well, fine. But that didn't amuse anyone. Fox's speech did.

  15. mike

    I liked the speech and don't see any reason to assume it was ghostwritten.

    Hooray for Fox!

  16. epb  

    I thought that the speech was good, but does anyone else think it's kind of funny that he says he won't apologize for being part of pop culture and then he goes on to make an apology for his role in pop culture?

  17. Not gay

    But I'd let him blow me. If I got to film it, of course.

  18. Dizzying  

    You’re dismissing unsupported accusations of ghostwriting as “probably somewhat irresponsible”? On top of Matthew Fox (whose selection I criticized) turning out to be a pretty wonderful speaker, Bwog is behaving in a totally douchey manner. I need to lie down, the world has gone topsy turvy.

  19. seriously Bwog,

    before you go on a vendetta against someone, do your homework first. He appeared on a couple of talkshows before graduation (eg: Jay Leno) and seemed like a pretty cool guy. Also I heard Calatrava was crap, and you've conveniently decided to make no mention of him at all (despite your initial hullaboo)

  20. Quigley

    is a crap dean. I haven't received one email from him since I got to Columbia. All he does is give a witty speech during orientation and a witty speech during Commencement, both of which are recycled variations of previous speeches, and that's it. Compare that with Zvi's awesomeness; he was really able to develop a sense of seas pride.

  21. rollo tomasi

    So Matthew Fox is smart enough to graduate from Columbia, and navigate a successful career in showbiz, yet can't come up with 10 minutes of material on his own?

  22. quick question:

    What was (roughly) the gpa cutoff for receiving cum laude honors? 3.8?

  23. BX SCI '03

    boo stuy. lame peglegs lol.

  24. paul

    bwog, i can't believe you have such a pompous group of assclowns posting the primary articles on this site. the dude delivers a high-quality speech, flying in the fact of essentially everyone's elitist expectations, and you have the gall to turn up your noses and suggest the speech was ghostwritten? why? do two of you take umbrage with the fact that fox is in a television show? is that somehow beneath the blue-blooded artistocrats who post tripe like that to this blog?

    at least the majority of the dissenters admitted that the speech was actually pretty decent. but of course there's still some people who can't let it go, can they?

  25. yo bwog

    practice responsible satire/mockery (e.g. you have to actually be correct and not be colossal tools when your predictions are disproved)

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