China and Mexico join forces; Lou Dobbs in critical condition

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So remember the Blue Angel Lounge? No–of course you don’t. If you did, you would have eaten there frequently and prevented the Thai restaurant on 123rd and Broadway from closing its doors this past month, you jerks. Anyway, Bwog remembers the Blue Angel lounge. Tangy coconut soup. Cheap lunch specials. Delivery as far as the low hundred-teens. Unbeatable views of the Broadway IRT…in any event, Thai fans’ loss is Mexican-Chinese fusion fans’ gain. And while Bwog is skeptical as to whether platanos go well over Singapore noodles, it’s willing to try the pricey ($15-$18 an entree) China de Puebla, which now occupies the Blue Angel’s old location–provided somebody else picks up the bill.

UPDATE, 11:12 PM EST: If you’re missing Thai, you can still get it at Thai Market down on Amsterdam bewteen 107th and 108th (we’ve been looking forward to it). 




  1. Testimony

    Thai Market is very good, and also delivers.

  2. and

    don't forget Lime Leaf!

  3. also  

    Lime Leaf is gross.

  4. Only1ThingMatters

    bangkok house has the best fried banana in NYC

  5. Thai Market

    I ate at Thai Market in its first week. I don't know if they just didn't have their shit together yet, but I was *not* impressed by the food. The atmosphere was very cool, though.

  6. $15-18


    Free prawn crackers at Lime leaf = awesomeness.

  7. someone should

    post these things on the wiki

  8. wirc

    ue angel had mediocre food and terrible service.

  9. thai market  

    very tasssstttyyy
    tried it last week.
    ozen, also not bad, $10 delivery min. good lunch special.

  10. CJS

    thai market has wonderful atmosphere, but the food is extremely mediocre, meaning it fits right in with most of morningside heights' restaurants. blue angel was of far too high a quality to survive in columbialand - hence its predictable departure. taqueria will probably be next to go.

  11. Michigander

    Blue Angel, if only you hadn't cost $12 for spicy noodles we could have had something special.

    • CJS

      it was completely worth it, and they remembered me when I came in. I can't say that about swish.

      shame, shame on those who killed blue angel, knowing it was ailing as you passed by enroute to toast.

  12. awwwww

    www shit, i ate blue angel from campus food all the time. i can't remember if it was good, but i ate it all the time. i'll have to find a new shitty asian restaurant that delivers a lot of food in under ten minutes. fuck!

    • X.J.  

      Funny you should say that. It's a little known fact, but "Wai Lee" is actually Chinese for "shitty asian restaurant that delivers a lot of food in under ten minutes."


  13. FYI

    Charles Manson never actually killed anyone. Look it up if you don't believe it.

  14. Sprinkles

    Awwww. I loved Blue Angel. I feel bad for the owners, dumping all that money into renovations and then having to shut :(

  15. Ignorance  

    The Lou Dobbs thing just about made me pee my pants. Fantastic, Bwog.

  16. sad

    sad to hear of this. despite their amazing culinary talent, their business was always slow, and the eagerness and friendliness which they exuded towards their customers was a sign that they REALLY valued the business. Nice family ran it-- we ordered pad thai for a student group from them and I felt really bad trying to bargain them down.

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