1. sigh  

    Calvin Sun spends more on hair products than 12 Saigon Grill workers make in a year. If only he could breakdance their poverty away.

  2. hmm  

    that is exceedingly silly music!
    also, this was filmed with a GIANT, totally conspicuous video camera... which is okay, i guess, but was pretty weird at the time.

    • incredulous

      i can't believe you're complaining about not only the kickass music (one of my favorite bands, so screw you) but also the size of the camera he used. what's wrong with you?

      whatever. you're entitled to your weird opinions.

  3. embeded

    video! Nice, bwog

  4. i really  

    like their bun xao!

  5. abroad

    did anyone get arrested ?

    Columbia students want to cry and "protest" every fucking little thing but cant even seem to protest right. Like the french but lamer. Embarrassing.

    not getting arrested = lame

    I want to see blood... at least tear gas.

  6. i think

    Everyone is giving this guy too much credit. I have never heard of him. I don't care about him. Even speaking about him pejoratively makes him seem more important than he is.

    "Campus socialite?" Please.

    • pshaw

      there's only been one "campus socialite" on this campus ever.

      eric foner.

    • omg

      omg you haters got to stop stop stop. where the fuck is this coming from if you've even never met him before? frankly the more you complain, the more you sound like another jealous prick at Columbia.

      and you just might do yourself a favor in checking out his other videos at youtube; he's doing so much for his community and all you guys can do is bitch bitch bitch and moan.

      it's comments like these on bwog make columbia seem so hateful. grow the FUCK up.

  7. awesome

    this. is. soooooooo kick ass. wish i could've made it stupid exams.

  8. Anonymous

    I really appreciate some of the constructive criticism here.

    Others however...I'd probably understand your gripes with me, but I'm willing to hear your side completely. So if you're prepared to admit who you are, contact me and we can talk.

  9. calvin,

    how do you make your alias bolded with red font like that?

    because the way it seems to some people, it's a very haughty way to go about responding to criticism.

    • Anonymous

      I "registered" my identity on bwog to prove it's me, and that's how bwog formats it. If you have a problem with it, complain to them.

      • capitalist



        Comments #18 and #19 are both by Calvin. In comment #18, he pretends to be someone else!


        • OOOOOHHHHH SNAP!!!

          Man. Calvin, I don't even know you, but sock puppeting on bwog? Pretty weak, dude. Pretty weak.
          And lest someone take this tired tack again, no: I am not a worse person than Calvin just because I have not been profiled on the bwog. That argument doesn't make one lick of sense because you don't know me.
          And I don't know Calvin. And whether you do or not, he pretended to be someone else on the bwog.

  10. cool
    reportedly he does this every other week.

  11. WTF

    WTF! This is supposed to be about the saigon grill boycott... not a free for all to chew at Calvin. STOP being a dick. Calvin is doing more than you will ever know; and more importantly this is about people who are getting slave wages. So stop hating on Calvin, because obviously that is all you can do and that is sad

  12. I agree with 21  

    Calvin made a really interesting video which has nothing to do with him personally (I doubt he works as a Saigon Grill delivery boy) so just appreciate it and don't attack him!

  13. you're the loser

    you have way too much time on your hands.

  14. number 25?

    Will you marry me, you are so smart and awesome... and articulate.

  15. gina

    im absolving calvin of all guilt since it was me who posted on his computer earlier for comment #18.

    i don't go to columbia but yeesh you guys have no lives.

    • PSA

      Anyone can tell who posts the same comments by hitting 'track', right next to 'reply'. Claims of 'no lives' and/or 'too much time on your hands' toward someone who spent the half-second of effort required are not only ridiculous, but indicative of your own ignorance.

  16. jealous cc kid

    Calvin has his own imdb page, bastard.

  17. capitalist

    dear "gina", you said you "posted on [calvin's] computer earlier". just so you know, you're still posting on his computer.

    for the record, #15, #16, #20, #24 were all posted by calvin or "gina" (calvin's sock puppet).

    #15 and #16 used to be #18 and #19... so bwog must have deleted some comments.





  18. yeah dude

    go away with your haliculations.
    I still love you #25!! Call me!

  19. The only problem

    I see with Calvin, someone I don't know and have never heard of before this thread, is that he made a movie called "Big Trouble in Little China."

    Couldn't you have come up with an original non-John Carpenter/Kurt Russell title?

  20. real issue

    I normally do not like bwog or even like posting on bwog and this is why: people have too much time and like to hate on people... and don't really give a shit about the real issues.

    this is not about any comment number or who said what, it is about injustice for delivery workers... obviously some people are so lost in their own little bubbles to realize this is about people who are getting sweat shop wages... i am ashamed to say people are this immature

    • i am  

      commenter #10. I wholeheartedly agree with you.

      but still, it doesn't mean that we have to like the guy. for example, marion barry, the former mayor of DC, did a lot for the city, but got caught doing pot. ibid:
      "Some people who don't know me might not believe that because they think I'm a cocky motherfucking asshole. And I'm sorry, because sometimes I do act that way, but I'm really just trying to address the views of my close friends." - Calvin Sun

      and the fact that he comes on here and responds to inane criticisms shows how narcissistic and self conscious he is. that confirms for me that he is a douche.

      • not about liking

        you don't have to like the guy.
        but people need to decipher what they are attacking when they post comments about calvin on a bwog post for "Saigon Grill"... calvin's action and work for Saigon Grill should be the highlight... not what people think of him.

        and we all have a little narcissism in ourselves... and shit if there were this many posts about what a dick i was... then i would feel a little self conscious... and if someone can endure all that shit... then they must have thick skin.

        no you don't have to like him but don't tarnish an obviously harmless video that was meant to document a positive cause.

  21. Bring

    Bring back those KRAZY KOMMENTERS! Where are my racists?

  22. actually...

    it was crack. And then he was re-elected (Barry, not Sun).

  23. "fool?"

    You also forgot that he was with a prostitute as well, but that don't make you a bad person.

    What does this have to do with the Saigon Grill again?

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