Nice Try, Zakaria

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Astute tipster Helam Gebremariam, C ’07, said Yale’s class day speaker, Fareed Zakaria of Newsweek, was a “total Matt Fox knock off.” She writes:

“He made all of the same jokes that Fox did about how Harvard got Gates and Yale got him. He ALSO called someone out (a la Julia Kite) for writing something in the school paper about how he is a nobody in the world of class day speakers. Say what you will about Matt Fox, but 1) hes hot 2) he’s funny and 3) he’s original.”

And he’s not even a writer…!

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  1. get over it  

    can we get over the whole class day speaker subject? it's old.

  2. KEG

    I nominate Kenneth Eng for class day speaker '08

  3. ugh

    zakaria = fukuyama wannabe hack

    fukuyama = hegel wannabe hack

  4. hmmmm

    Continuing Bwog's allegation, maybe Zakaria was Fox's ghostwriter.

    • hahah

      i was thinking the same thing! is it coincidence that he has the exact same speech structure as matthew fox... i think not! i point to the same person writing both speeches!

  5. LSAT

    matthew fox and fareed zakaria make similarly sounding speeches. this means that:

    a) zakaria ghostwrote fox's speech
    b) fox ghostwrote zakaria's speech
    c) both speeches were ghostwritten by the same person
    d) any of the above could be true

  6. the answer

    is D. I'm going to Law School!

  7. barackthevote

    okay well obama called a newspaper staffer out a few years ago, so fox wasnt being original either.

  8. Libby  

    i too went to both speeches. (sister graduated from yale). yes, it was surprisingly similar, but should anyone be surprised. In an age of bwog zakaria is far from cool. Zakaria tried to be cool by telling audience that he missed his graduation because he was hungover. But then said that no one came to see him graduate anyway but in reality he was probably just a too much of a nerdy foreign student to care that much. Conclusion in an age of bwog (which Z. mentioned) he was definately aware of Fox's speech.

  9. Libby  

    Z. was aware enough of Fox's speech to avoid duplication if he had wanted. Plus Z.'s speech was a real snoozer. He shouldn't have been so worried about impressing the squares at Yale, and should have tried to be more original. Yeah, Yale is square, and hypocritical. How can a school include God in their commencement ceremonies while still pushing a integration agenda???? Answer me that. Z. is whitewashed.

  10. Libby again  

    BTW. FOX'S SPEECH WAS WRITTEN BY A LOST WRITER. That speech was chock full of LOST dogma. "Don't appologize for who you are". "Fall into yourself". END OF DISCUSSION.

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