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dfgCool trip alert: Bwog alumnus and liveblogging pioneer Bryan Mochizuki, along with a passel of current Columbia students, just touched down in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, where the group will be filming the work of NGOs to spread awareness of development issues in the East Afican nation. Follow their adventures here

Are you on an international expedition? Or know anyone else who’s fled the country for the summer? Let us know at bwgossip@columbia.edu.



  1. yes

    i'm going on an international journey all the way from my bed to the tv. see, my remote control's batteries have expired.

  2. Thanks!  

    Hey, Bwog, I'd really love it if instead of writing interesting posts about things relevant to Columbia you would just celebrate your staff. You guys are the real Columbia. Keep it up!

  3. DHI

    Dar es Salaam was a kickass destination in Where in The World is Carmen Sandiego.

  4. moreover

    Why's it have to be international? To those of us who live abroad and go home every semester, it's just as interesting to hear about all the non-Bwog staffers working in DC, etc.

  5. ugh

    wahey, more priviledged kids saving africa.

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