College walk temporarily replaced with shallow ditch

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“Sweet shit!” Bwog thought as it considered the network of temporary fencing cris-crossing College Walk. “They’re filming a sequel to ‘The Siege’ right here at Columbia!” But a quick glance behind the fences–as well as the ominous absence of Bruce Willis and Denzel Washington–revealed that the university is undertaking a long-overdue renovation of its main thoroughfare. Although things seem to be at a preliminary stage, Bwog sincerely hopes that oddly-placed, high-heel devouring hexagonal bricks are a thing of the past on this campus.

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  1. i miss lydia

    bring her back.

    unless that's her, in which case send her away and then bring her back.

  2. construction  

    the sign in front of college walk said that they're repaving, putting in brighter lights, and making a better storm drain system. for the last one...did the administration actually listen to the spec's list of demands? will lake college walk be a thing of the past?

    • unlikely

      there's too much shit right below the surface of campus to ever drain it properly. witness the annual tearups of various walkways that are invariably flooded come springtime.

  3. umm

    how about addressing lake lerner! at least it wasn't as bad this year as it was last

  4. hello  

    I wasn't aware that there was anything seriously wrong with college walk. Navigating its various lakes and rivers during a storm was a bit of a sport for me. I enjoyed that.

  5. HRW  

    Silly project...it's going to be the same as every summer repaving--the bulafante's pave for three months, do the exact same job, and then get rehired to do the whole thing again next summer. We keep Italian bricklayers in business.

    Instead of repaving, I think that the administration should just from now on require all students to have a pair of rubber Wellington boots. Keppy costs down and complaints low, if they're required...

  6. i think

    this might be the point where they actually pave college walk with asphalt and use that brick looking pattern that they have been experimenting with in front of wien.

  7. uhhh..

    I wonder how long this project will take... Around here, "temporary" can be a looooooooooong time

  8. well

    There was a spec article a few years ago about how a university was professor was developing "glass concrete" and that it might get tested on college walk...

    as for the continuous repaving- the school redoes the walkways and drainage in sections around campus. They can't do the whole thing at once, and summer is the best time to work on college walk.

    "Porous brick and concrete are more susceptible to ground movement, settling, and the uplifting action of snow freezing and thawing. The elements create shifts and valleys in the brick and concrete, allowing for the formation of areas that do not have sufficient pitch to direct water into a drain."

    "Civil engineering professor Christian Meyer may have a solution. His current project seeks to develop glass concrete, which preserves the brick aesthetic while resisting the elements that cause flooding. Plans to apply this technology to Columbia's landscape are rumored but unconfirmed."


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