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Remember Reni Laine? Frontiers of science girl? The blonde wasp?

Well she ended up on Gawker again, this time for some suspicious “Webby” awards. The occasion’s not important, but you know what is? Her nipple!

While some would be mortified, Reni seems to take it in stride…

UPDATE 10:37 EST: Stop complaining the first picture shows too little nipple (you dirty dirty people), here’s more scandal, enjoy.


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  1. nipple-slip pride!  

    Notice that no one ugly ever has a nipple slip. God is good.

  2. man  

    Nip-slips aside...youtube-blog-video-things are annoying. I don't know why, but I just hate them.

  3. expert says

    in a shirt like that, your nipple should never slip. someone needs to get this girl a bra or some implants.

    tara reid. now thats some good ol' slippin'.

  4. ummmmm....

    Man, no one would notice her nipple if she didnt point it out... seriously, it is impossible to tell from that picture unless you are realllly staring and even then one cannot be sure about it...

    This is a serious attempt at getting people's attention... I mean, the video ends with her URL so she's obviously trying to advertise herself...

    I mean, it's odd because I heard she was really annoyed about comments up here about her last time she was on bwog. I sort of felt bad about those comments then... Afterall, she was just a student who did a good extra credit project... but now it seems like she is just trying to get attention to herself and when you put yourself out what do you expect?

    Anyways, I'm not all negative. She is pretty cute and definitly good at creating a buzz about herself... She might just have a future in the entertainment biz. I'll give her that.

  5. Watcher  

    That was the most amazingly cute, sweet vlog I think I've ever seen. Does anybody know if Reni's single? I think she would make for a great date.

  6. meh

    i'm just really lonely.

  7. stalker

    I think it's cool. By far the best way to react to something that happens to you like that, aside from just ignoring the problem. She's turned this into an opportunity to point out how ridiculous our celebrity culture is while still getting a little exposure for herself (and not losing any dignity).

  8. ...

    Is that underage drinking I see?

  9. the real issue

    there's one problem with these photographs, the fat people sucking face. Quick everyone, to arms!

  10. expert says

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. yea, thats some real nipple.

    YOU NEED TO WEAR A BRA! im sure calvin klein can help your flat chested nipply self.


  11. jeezey creezy

    i love being able to watch the rise and fall of this flash in the pan.

    next thing she'll be in rehab or jail.

  12. ehh

    does the video never stop loading for anyone else?

  13. summer fun

    gawker number 1: omg! did you see reni's nipple?
    gawker number 2: haha yeah
    gawker number 2: its hot
    gawker number 2: its succulent
    gawker number 2: its pale
    gawker number 2: and white
    gawker number 2: and perky
    gawker number 2: and beautiful
    gawker number 2: i want to suck the nectar from it

  14. My question:

    Who the fuck cares?

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