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For those of you who weren’t on 3rd Avenue in the 110s today (about a mile from fair Alma’s gates as the crow flies), and didn’t make it to this year’s huge Puerto Rican Day festival, here’s what you missed:

There was red, white and blue everywhere, but the day’s award for best show of Puerto Rican pride definitely goes to these guys:












Also spotted just east of here, at 110th and Morningside Drive: a graffitti attributable to DeWitt Clinton professor of History Eric Foner (either that or proof that he has a very creepy stalker/admirer). With his legacy as a historian secure, Bwog wonders why the Reconstruction and Civil War expert might be making a late-inning bid for street-art immortality. Curious. Most curious indeed.  










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  1. Wilding

    Ladies, get ready for the WILDING

  2. YEAH!

    Jobs is fo dem gringos! VIVA LA REVOLUCION!

  3. banksy

    foner represent!

  4. hmm  

    what's the deal with all the people cheering and clapping in front of college walk? they've been going at it for at least an hour...

  5. Seinfeld

    Last year I was there for summer, and randomly decided to go for a walk one Sunday afternoon with my friend. We decided to go to the East Side through the park, and I ended up being trapped for about three hours over there. We finally used the subway to get through, but that was a hellish hour and a half ride. It was great fun, and I recommend the parade to everyone. If you're single there's a lot of hot drunk boys and girls looking for fun, some companies are giving out free stuff, and you will never see so many enthusiastic people on the streets of the city. Bring your own water.

  6. Seth B

    there's some "Foner" grafitti around campus, too. one is on a big metal thing hooked to the campus wall around 117th on B'way.

  7. kayla

    damnnnnnnnn papis ya look good as hell replay back boricuas 4 life do ya have a gurl

  8. yami

    ay yo papi get at me @ ma emil [email protected]
    or on myspace cuz ya look good

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