Another one down?

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kWell, we heard whispers about this before, and three whispers makes a rumor: is Nacho’s Kitchen closing? An Eater.com tipster tells of Health violations, while Wikicu confidently proclaims that Columbia’s bar of second choice will be replaced by a Jamba Juice. We also know that Morningside Heights has become a dicey place to own a bar, what with the Man starting to care that the majority of the clientele should only be ordering diet Cokes.

We could hardly blame them for moving on to better pastures…but this means that Bwog needs a better fake.

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  1. whatever  

    they weren't that good anyway.

    just hang outside a circle K and ask an old guy to buy you some zima.

  2. broz

    Now where am I going to pick up Carman chicks?

  3. yay!  

    now i don't need to walk to 72 for my jamba fix!

  4. Mex

    The Mex like to spit in your tacos

  5. naw brah

    I'm cool with this-- the less time my brahs spend at Nacho's, the more time us brahs can chill at the house and play super smash brahs.

  6. fuck nachos  

    bring me jamba

  7. urrgh

    Closing Nacho's will cause a domino effect - 1020 will overflow with brahs and their freshman prey, sports teams will chafe at the jv kids trying to steal their groove at Canon's... my wingman George F. Kennan and I will have to flee to the Abbey or some other shithole.

    We've got to end it here. I recommend carpet bombing and an invasion of the north. if the 'stend was our korea, this is our vietnam - and as george w. bush said, the only reason we lost vietnam was because we didn't try hard enough. right? right?

  8. all that space...  

    Just for a Jamba Juice?


  9. G.O.B

    It's not a Jamba Juice, Michael. It shouldn't be that hard to shut down.

  10. ZvS

    Why don't we get a bunch of students to band together and start a Park Slope-style bar co-op? We can keep it on the DL. You could probably even smoke.

  11. In the know  

    It wasn't closed for health violations. It was closed because the owners got too much shit about underage drinking and they decided it wasn't worth it to keep operating the place.

  12. DHI

    By far the saddest Sopranos episode was the one where he sold out from under the poultry store so a Jamba Juice could move in.

  13. majority?

    "the majority of the clientele should only be ordering diet Cokes."

    Come in, yeah there are a lot of fat chickes, but it's not MAJORITY fat chicks.

  14. Jamba Juice

    Don't forget to order from the secret menu!

    Oh yeah, and I spat in the blender

  15. fuck.  

    Now all we have left are the bars that are anal about ID. And those that are a little lenient will now get enough business for them to be selective. Argh. If there ever was a time for Columbian activism, it's now. You can protest the ludicrous 21-only policy, or the bullying of bar-owners.

  16. Eh..

    The Abbey never cares if you can be bothered to walk that far

  17. they

    had pretty good tex-mex. but it was gross at night because of people trying to pick up carman chicks. still, it's a shame. jamba juice is lame.

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