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More in food news: Chipotle is arriving at the end of the month, and they’re courting Columbia students in a big way. The new shop’s advance team let Bwog know that on Wednesday, June 27, they’re holding a kickoff event to raise money for Columbia athletics–from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM, five bucks will get you a hefty burrito and a drink, and all the money goes to CU teams. We’ll remind you as the time approaches.

If food’s one way to our heart, and money’s another, flashy websites are a third (we squandered a good half hour on this one–check out the dog section) and ethical food raising a fourth. The press release heavily promoted their naturally raised meats and organic beans, which should make your  chunky hunk of Mexican taste even better.  So, go forth and gorge, summer Columbians. And go Lions.


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  1. Eugene Henderson

    I want I want I want.

  2. dear sweet jesus  

    i can't wait.

  3. xxxx

    It's going to be delicious. I love chipotle. It's tough for those of us working in midtwown---the lines are like 100 ppl long from 11.30-1.00PM. they'll make $$, that's for sure!

  4. potle!

    chip chip CHIPOTLE! yay!

  5. carlos d

    i'm so glad the area is starting to get more convenient. it's about time we got a chipotle. we can't lag behind nyu with its 5 chipotles and a billion jamba juices.

  6. Random question  

    This is a question that is completely unrelated to anything, but what's the name of that music player that PC users are enjoying? I have a mac at home but I just started working on a PC and need some music!

  7. Sorry  

    I meant the online streaming player that isn't available on Macs. There's also the one that creates a playlist for you based on what songs/artists you like and I can't remember the name of that one either.

  8. Chipotle-hater

    What the fuck is the big deal? I normally hate on Mex food and culture and shit but, really, with Harlem infested with taco trucks and bodegas stocking cilantro and skirt steak--why would you eat there?

  9. I think

    the second one you mentioned is pandora, which is at pandora.com. The first one might be Ruckus?

  10. eeeeeeeeeeee  


  11. purist

    Why is the picture for this entry obviously a Taco Bell burrito?

    Also, Chipotle is delicious! And from my home town. w00t!

  12. rjt

    Is there some sweet holy alliance between Jamba Juice and Chipotle? I came home in May to find a new one of each right next to each other really close to my house. This is a union I fully support!!!

  13. question

    Any idea what the hours of operation are going to be?

  14. locus

    any idea exactly where the new Chipotle will be?

  15. moses:

    Sweet manna from heaven!

  16. Mex-i-slash

    Jou are eeting perros when you eet the taco

  17. Anonymous

    not to be a hater, but i find chipotle to be a little overrated- mostly rice, not filled to the brim, and pricey for what you get. i'd rather eat a taqueria burrito, stuffed to the breaking point at the same price as a chipotle burrito, and get the added bonus of eating at an authentic place and not a spin-off of mcdonalds. still, in the end chipotle beats anything john jay can turn out.

  18. Yeah

    Jamba Juice just knows what I need
    Chipotle knows what I want

  19. I also agree  

    That Taqueria isn't that good. I think they use mozarella cheese in their chicken burritos, which is just such a bad idea. Mozarella is good, but tasteless in a burrito. Also it's too far away.

    Does anybody else like the lemony flavor of Chipotle rice? I really love it.

  20. this is great

    hell yessss!!!!!!!!!! woooohoooooooooo. but so expensive

  21. The Dink

    I will probably eat Chipotle every single day for the next year.
    Oh good lord I love Chipotle perhaps more than anything else.

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