Columbia Students: Cute Boys in the Media Edition

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Vampire Weekend is having a moment. Just today, Kelefa Sanneh of the New York Times wrote a glowing piece about them, and they’ve recently appeared in Rolling Stone, L Magazine, and on hundreds of indie-rock blogs. (Also, they played Bowery, like, omg!)

In case you’ve forgotten who they are (and if you missed their hot beats at St. A’s and ADP during the year), here’s an old Bwog interview to jog your memory (and perhaps induce indie fan-girl squeals).


ALSO: Genre magazine did a fabulous cover and spread on Jake and Marty LaSalle: brothers, Adonis-like figures, jugglers, and soon-to-be Columbia seniors recent graduates. They can show us lunges any day.

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  1. lasalles

    they're not soon-to-be seniors; they graduated.

  2. LaSalles  

    are so fucking hot. I'm just another girl upset that two more beautiful boys are, sigh, not remotely available.

    • Sad

      I was going to say something snarky, but the truth is that the current birthrate in the United States has females about 52% to 48% for males. This means that odds really are not in your favor. Plus, with men looking to younger women, you're really in trouble. It's sad really. I feel for you.

      Oh well, time to go jam my girlfriend.

  3. FYI

    if you're in LA July in July check these cats at the Troubadour on the 16th and the Silver Lake Lounge on the 17th

  4. Bowery

    Whatever. Everybody knows I'm just Webster Hall's bastard child.

  5. ...

    Uh, Webster Hall sucks.

  6. ...

    The Bowery has sitting in the balcony. My favorite venue in the city.

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