Brits and Frogs

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Tipster Kendall Barnes spotted this on Facebook Marketplace for York, England, where she is currently studying abroad. 

xcz In other crazy foreigner news, we got this odd message from a would-be 2014-er:

Hello, My name is Laura.
I am 15 years old and i always dream to will be a student of the famous university : Columbia.
I just want to talk with a student to have more informations.
Well, there is my msn : [redacted]

Bye =)

If anyone wants to share some famous university wisdom with Laura, feel free. 

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  1. cynic  

    It will be ever so sweet to see that she does not attend Columbia.

  2. Noooo!!!!!!

    You know that some asshole Bwog reader is going to send that poor girl a mean message. Please don't.

  3. yeah

    is it really prudent to give out a wide eyed 15 year old student's email on this blog, given the number of posters like #1 and foul trollers?

  4. her email

    is hotmail.fr. aka, she's from france and doesn't speak english well. that and she's only 15. please don't be mean!!! (and i agree w/ poster #3, you should really take the email down.)

  5. marketplace

    there's an ad on the columbia section for someone's soul...

  6. she should

    she could start by making some bogus NGO and then taking a year off to go abroad.

  7. Aleksey Vayner

    Or better yet, making UP some bogus NGO, then maybe benchpressing 400 pounds and taking ballroom dancing classes. Hey, it worked for me!

  8. just remember

    Laura: Impossible is Nothing

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