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Summer is slipping by much too fast. Stephanie Quan continues to give you a list of things to make your time pass even faster.


Monday, July 9

*MC Hammer, Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick, MC Lyte- So close, you can touch him. Do dododo da dum da dum. Wingate Field, 7:30pm  

*Wait Until Dark- One of Audrey’s lesser known films. She plays a “blind heroine-in-distress terrorized by thugs in her Greenwich Village apartment”. Bryant Park, 8pm

*Dancing Under the Stars- Free dance lessons, if you’re willing to travel to Queens after work. Wallenberg Square, 6pm 

Tuesday, July 10

*Manhattan School of Music Presents Classic Kids- Watch young virtuosi outdo you in every instrument you thought you were good at. Bryant Park, 12:30pm

*Word for Word Poetry- The Academy of American Poets presents up and coming poets and their work. Bryant Park, 6:30pm

*Concerts in the Parks- The NY Philharmonic begins its New York series in Brooklyn this night. Pieces include Berlioz: Le Corsaire Overture Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 6, “Pathétique.” Prospect Park, 8pm.

Wednesday, July 11

 *Music Is a Weapon- Film and music fused together in a totally interesting way- a.k.a NOT Dark Side of the Moon + The Wizard of Oz. Central Park Summerstage, 7pm

*RiverFlicks: Rocky Balboa- Oh we could all get buff if we drank three eggs a day, laced with androstenedione. Free popcorn! Pier 54, 8pm

*Peter Kuper and Kevin Pyle- Forbidden Planet hosts these two graphic novelists as they discuss their books Stop Forgetting to Remember and Blindspot. The Strand, 7pm

*Let’s Spend the Night Together: Backstage Secrets of Rock Muses and Supergroupies- Behind every great man there’s a Penny Lane. Bryant Park, 12:30pm

*Concerts in the Park- The series continues in Central Park. Same pieces. Great Lawn, 8pm. 

*Spoon- A bit far. Okay, not really that far. But for free can you argue that much? Governer Nelson A. Rockefeller Park, 7pm

Thursday, July 12

* The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee | Mamma Mia! | Beauty and the Beast | In The Heights– Broadway on Broadway returns with this all-star line up. Bryant Park, 12:30pm

*Spoon- A bit far. Okay really far. But for free can you argue that much? Rockefeller Park, 7pm

*Blind Boys of Alabama– Gospel by the Alabama Institute for the Negro Blind. Pier 54, 7pm 

*The Birth of Graffiti- Jon Naar and Sacha Jenkins, graffiti historians, give a talk and slideshow on the history of graffiti. The Strand, 7pm

Friday, July 13

*Charlotte’s Web- Wilbur!!! This is part of Riverflicks for Kids but we can all remember the first time we cried while reading a book. Pier 46, 7:30pm

*Zoé / The Pinker Tones / Chetes- To tell you the truth, I don’t know that much about these bands, but I’ve heard that they are rather good. Prospect Park, 7:30pm

*KT Tunstall- Because you secretly rock out to “Suddenly I See”. Part of Today. Rockefeller Plaza, 7am

*Fantasia- The best American idol ever. Really. GMA Concert Series. Bryant Park, 7am

Saturday, July 14 

*Tap and Song- Tony Waag and friends, The Duke (229 w 42nd st.), 7pm and 9:30pm, $40

*Dutch Cooking in Early America- Lecture, demonstration and tasting with Colonial Williamsburg’s food consultant. Insert Hutspot joke here. RSVP at 212-923-8008, Morris-Jumel Mansion Museum (65 Jumel Terrace at 160th Street), 1pm, $10

*Flirting with Fans: How to Speak Volumes Without Uttering a Word- The 19th century woman’s version of smoke signals. I fancy you (open open close), s.o.s. (open close open), you’re uglier than my bonnet (close close close). Merchant’s House Museum ( 29 East 4th Street), 3pm, museum entrance fee.

*Beekeeping Workshop- We couldn’t resist putting this one up. “Learn proper management techniques for a colony during their most active and productive time. Beginning and experienced beekeepers welcome. Registration required, call 718-549-3200 x305. Meet at Perkins Visitor Center, 10am ” Wave Hill ( 675 West 252nd Street ), 10am, $25

Sunday, July 15

*Pool Party– Oh my god remember Tiffany’s pool party back in like 8th grade when she invited everyone in the class except you? Well, this pool party is like 10 times better and it has a slip and slide. Plus there’ll be 3 DJs so you can totally ask Bobby to dance. McCarren Pool, 3:30pm. rsvp here

*The Hudson Warehouse: As You Like It & Macbeth– The other free Shakespeare in the Park. North Patio of the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument (89th St), Riverside Park , 6:30 p.m.

*Summer on the Hudson: Acoustic Sundays – Imani Uzuri Rock Quartet- Rock has four characters, as does a quartet. Riverside Park South – Pier I at 70th Street, 7pm


Tip of the week: Bike rentals starting at $40 a day. And for those who would rather not brave the streets click here.


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  1. yeah

    Friday, July 13

    South Street Seaport

    Beat the Devil

  2. pathetic

    i agree, Rockefeller State Park is pretty far to go to see Spoon, even if it is for free--it's most of the way to Chappaqua, for god's sake. but it seems even farther when you consider that if you had spent 3 more seconds on Google Maps, you would have discovered that there is also a Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller Park in MANHATTAN (it's next to Chambers St and the West Side Highway). somehow i think that might be a slightly more promising location for a free concert than a state park in the boonies. that's just me, though. congratulations on continuing to produce what may in fact be the most half-assed events listings in all of new york city.

  3. #2 is right  


    might wanna change that pronto before you lead unsuspecting hipsters to the boonies.

    • Spoon-goer

      Any unsuspecting hipsters who are dumb enough to trust bwog's directions instead of double-checking elsewhere deserve to end up in Pocantico Hills and miss the entire concert which will in fact be taking place AT CHAMBERS ST AND THE HUDSON RIVER on Thurs.

  4. DHI

    Whatever man, Rockefeller Park appears to be next to the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.

    The timeless Legend of Sleepy Hollow >>> A trendy band

    • ESG

      discoe, since spoon have been putting out records for more than 10 years and getting noticeably more popular for at least the last 5, i think they do not deserve the dismissive label "trendy"

      • DHI

        Fair enough.

        But the Legend of Sleepy Hollow has been retold for 187 years, compared to which any band with less than a half century of relevance is "trendy." For example, the trendy Huddy "Leadbelly" Ledbetter, who everybody thought was the shit in the 30s, but then by the 80s, nobody was listening to him anymore. Nobody thinks your extra strings are cool now, DEADBELLY!

        As for the headless horseman: Ever heard of a little series called HARRY POTTER? Whole thing is well recognized to be a seven-book Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

  5. Elna

    Dance the Giulio in Williamsburg! If you can time travel back to Saturday and Sunday...

  6. yeah  

    I definitely agree with Iscoe about the Legend of Sleepy Hollow being cooler than Spoon. That said, why can't these events listings be better put-together? There's no way it could be too hard to improve.

  7. oops  

    that was in response to "spoon"

  8. lets be honest  

    everything is a bit far from boringside.

  9. on a different note,

    I highly recommend the Concerts in the Park. The violinist playing Mendelssohn is Stefan Jackiw, truly an excellent player.

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