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Looking for a platform? QuickSpecking? Hate mail? Your picture in the paper…every week? Apply to be a Spec opinion columnist! Word is they’re making all current talking heads reapply, leaving 10 spots (dubiously) wide open. 

“You may propose any beat, including serials and illustrated columns, and while we are not specifically looking for a sex columnist, anyone interested in covering that beat should discuss the importance of a sex column to a college campus in addition to the full column application,” says Opinion Editor Oriana Magnera, whom you should e-mail at [email protected] for an application.

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  1. dude  

    where's bwog on the "favorite comments"? there have been so many good comments that have gone unnoticed!!

  2. correction

    every two weeks**

  3. Eeeew

    No more GS columnists, pretty please

  4. Jiimmy Poopface  

    This is the one and only Jimmy Poopface!!!!!!!!!!!!! But where is J.R. "Bob" Dobbs????????

  5. The Stink

    Spec-ies don't have nipples. Only mammals have nipples.

  6. How about

    How about a column about race, perhaps documenting the troubles a young minority would have at a bastion of privilege like Columbia?

  7. Hows about

    Hows about a plucky freshman just tryin' to deal with life in the big city?

  8. Got it.

    The Alumni council will pay someone, perhaps Maureen Dowd, perhaps David Sedaris, to write a column decrying the presence of a college of General Studies on our campus.

    The column shall be called Owl Smashing.

  9. how about  

    a column written by a young, mostly boring "writer," who, in an effort to be loved, writes vindictive but essentially shallow and unamusing reflections on Columbia student life.

  10. Maybe

    An older student, working on his PhD, explaining Dirty Sanchezes and threesomes to coddled coeds?

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