Steam cloud envelops Midtown!

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steamThe bowels of New York exploded in a seismic geyser-like spew! Turn on your TV to local NY news to watch incredible footage of a steam pipe gushing gas and mud into the air!

It’s not terrorism.

UPDATE 7:20 PM – Our resident steam correspondent ZvS can see the steam all the way from Brooklyn, and has called our attention to the above pretty awesome photo on Flickr.

ALSO – We’d like to take a moment, purely for history’s sake, to appreciate the crazy shit that happened last summer in New York: Power-saw slicingSuicide bombing. Prolonged blackouts. Let us appreciate what hot weather will do.


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  1. and...  

    In related news: parents everywhere freak the fuck out (for those of us in the city for the summer)

  2. from an eyewitness

    "We were eating at TGI Friday's, and we saw everyone outside stop and look, and then some people started walking really fast in the other direction, and then everyone just started running. So we ran, too. We didn't have to pay."

  3. Hot Town!

    Summer in the city! Back of my neck getting dirt and gritty!

    Are those the right lyrics? They've been in my head all day.

  4. Elna  

    The crater isn't as bad as it is portrayed on the tv. In fact, it will probably be cleaned up in about three weeks, considering its high priority locale. Queens residents are extremely grateful. It blew out the windows on my floor, so I'm off work for a day, maybe two. Although, I kinda liked work because of the AC...

  5. ah boy  

    this proves what I've known all along: the upper east side is the worst place on earth.

    in other news con edison is worse than cu admin (oh burn)

  6. and no

    con edison is not worse than cu admin. the pipe is 70 years old and they were the first to do abestos testing when it blew. (in debris, not dust.)

  7. what?  

    How does that make them good? Anyway, nothing is worse than CU admin.

  8. the fact that

    they used 5.7 percent of their total expenditures to repair and expand steam pipes IN MANHATTAN.


  9. Hmmm

    Can someone explain to me why steam is being pumped in summertime? I heard some references to "cooling", but I don't really see how 1000-degree steam is used for cooling. Scientists?

    • Elna

      I asked the same question when the oil heater kept on rustling to life in the summer. The reason is that older systems tend to do several jobs at once, and sometimes the steam systems are used for heating water in buildings, ie, for showers, washing dryers, etc.

      • Hmmm

        Actually, I looked it up since then. That's true, but it *also* powers compressors for air conditioning systems via turbines or something. I am an engineer, but not a good one.

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