Columbians Who Do Us Proud: Naked Tunnel People

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If you’re like us, you’ve spent many a seminar playing “guess the biggest secret of the person sitting next to you.” We’ve concocted a twisted past habit or two, but we didn’t think of naked urban spelunking until this article in the Times today provided us with ample imagery. The piece has weird Pupin lore, overt fetishization, hip post-industrial aesthetics, “human vulnerability,” and all the rest of what you love. Thanks Nick Kelly for pointing it out. 

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  1. Jacques

    Bah, naked tunnel people are so last season. Get with the program bwog. Now it's tunnel people in fur suits.

  2. what

    are you talking about.

    oh wait, i get it. hahaha.

    wait no, i don't.

  3. then i guess

    it's time for a joke at matt sanchez's expense.

  4. lies!

    Ok, I'm pretty sure this Duncan guy isn't the first to break into pupin 1st. It's not exactly a difficult task (The door was actually unlocked once when i went down there), and there was also that guy in the early 80's who got kicked out for using that entrance to try and steal uranium, right?

  5. jcm224

    the final shot in the audio slideshow is good old BME, 3rd floor engineering terrace.

  6. I wonder

    if this is the first female to penetrate Pupin's tunnel in the nude.

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