48 is a good age

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dfgdIf you’re Sunil Gulati, of course. And he is, today, marking the first time anyone has been wished happy birthday for two consecutive years by Bwog, which hopes it will be as dashingly handsome as the U.S. Soccer Federation prez when it gets that old.

The silver hair and sarcastic cracks get us every time.

Picture stolen from this charming profile.

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  1. poo

    No happy birthdays until Jurgen Klinsmann is hired as the new national team coach.

  2. he looks

    as if he's 12 years old and blonde in that picture. am i the only one who thinks that?

  3. bwog,

    you are terrible at shrinking images down to their right sizes to put on your lazy blog. gosh.

  4. 07 grad

    He was far less silver haired when I took principles back in fall of 03....

  5. gulati  

    is so full of himself it made me sick

  6. Benitez??  

    Rafa Benitez is a scouse wanker.

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