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sdfsFar be it from us to shill for the Columbia Dems, but they did have some big news this weekend–the national College Democrats of America named them Chapter of the Year, beating out George Washington (which has its eyes on the prize for next year). To land the accolade, they put together a slick little report touting their accomplishments and presented before the CDA board as well as officials from the Democratic National Committee (quick background: CDA is the official arm of the DNC, which is run by erstwhile presidential candidate Howard Dean). And now they almost have a slick little website to go with it.

In the cheerful press release that now accompanies anything the Dems do or say, president Josh Lipsky preened: “This award belongs to every college democrat and young progressive in this country who firmly believes it is their time to lead.”

Really guys? You going to turn over that plaque?

The Dems also officially approved their first candidate group for the ’08 presidential campaign: Students for Obama. It’s the first of a flotilla of umbrella groups that the Dems intend to start for every issue out there, from civil liberties to health care.

Our guess is that Students for Gravel won’t be one of them…


UPDATE 11:55 AM EST: Full press releases included, as requested, after the jump.

UPDATE 10:07 PM EST: We have been informed that the College Dems of New York–the president of which just graduated from Columbia, and is now leading the New York arm of Living Liberally–were named third place for State Federation. 

In other news, the College Republicans had one too

CU College Democrats Approve Students for Obama Umbrella Group

Dems Offshoot to be First of Many ’08 Candidate Groups 

For Immediate Release           Contact: Jonathan Backer

27 July, 2007          414.840.9199 

Today, the Columbia University College Democrats approved the group Students for Barack Obama as an umbrella group of the organization. In the coming weeks and months, the CU College Democrats anticipate the creation of several umbrella groups supporting 2008 candidates for the Democratic Presidential nomination. 

CU College Democrats President Josh Lipksy, applauds Students for Barack Obama founder Seth Berliner for kicking off the College Democrats’ involvement in the 2008 Presidential contest. “This umbrella group, already 127 members strong, has the ability to engage scores of Columbia students in grassroots politics. Groups like this contribute so much to the Columbia University College Democrats’ ongoing efforts to transform this campus into a pulse of liberal activism,” Lipsky said. 

Lipsky added, “Our party has a phenomenal slate of candidates from which to choose. Any one of these individuals will make a formidable nominee. I hope the Columbia University College Democrats can reach out to each of the Democratic Presidential campaigns over the course of the year, and we look forward to endorsing the nominee and the next President of the United States next summer.”

CU College Democrats Tapped for CDA Chapter of the Year Award

Dems Execs Eager to Build on Previous Year’s Successes 

For Immediate Release           Contact: Jonathan Backer

31 July, 2007          414.840.9199 

At this year’s College Democrats of America annual convention, the Columbia University College Democrats were honored to receive the organization’s chapter of the year award. “The winners of these competitions represent the best organizations in the most effective grassroots student organization in the country,” stated CDA President Lauren Wolfe. The CU College Democrats’ victory this year follows a close second place finish in 2006. 

CU College Democrats President Josh Lipsky noted, “Over the past two years, we have been building a culture of activism on campus. It gives me great honor to know that the effort of Columbia students is being recognized nationwide.” Lipsky cited the Dems’ outspoken stances and unique activist efforts on the Iraq War, environmental sustainability, and marriage equality as qualities which set Columbia’s chapter apart from other school’s College Democrats chapters.  

“At Columbia, we’ve built an organization where anyone interested in grassroots politics can come in and make a difference. We have a think tank that provides the policy backbone for our organization, an Activist Council which transforms our policy into tangible action, and umbrella groups which allow the organization to branch out and become involved with dozens of issues,” added Lipsky. 

“Columbia has truly amazed us this year with their passion for creative activism, and we expect even greater things from them in the years to come,” said CDA Political Affairs Director Sam Hodge.

The Chapter of the Year Award consists of a written application as well as an oral presentation to the executive board of both CDA and members of the Democratic National Committee.  

In accepting the award during the closing ceremonies Lipsky stated, “This award belongs to every college democrat and young progressive in this country who firmly believes it is their time to lead.”  


The CU College Democrats view the award as a starting point for the year, and seek to continue their mission to transform Columbia University into a pulse of liberal activism. 

Over 1,000 delegates and 150 College Democrats chapters were represented at the convention held from July 26-28 at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina. Delegates gather annually to plan for upcoming elections and hear party leaders discuss their visions for youth activism. This year’s speakers included Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator Barack Obama, and former Senator John Edwards.

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  1. GRAVEL '08

    he's a columbia alum too, just like obama and libertarian candidate wayne allen root.

  2. Curious

    Mind posting the complete press release?

  3. At the latest

    By noon, there will be anti-dems comments...

  4. Noon?

    By now! Boo democrats! Damn, centrist grasslickers. That's right, grasslickers.

  5. confused  

    This is kind of ridiculous, the dems were no more than average this year. They were embarrasing at half the debates and at many different events. I guess it says something about the national organization.

  6. mlp

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't they using the term "umbrella group" incorrectly? The Dems themselves are the umbrella group, as opposed to the smaller groups they create, right?

  7. whoops...

    evangelicals chose the wrong political party.
    according to the website, columbia dem alumni include not just barack obama and madeleine albright, but also, jesus christ.
    who knew jesus had an email?
    [email protected]

  8. Minutemen

    do you think the publicity garnered from the Minutemen protest could have been a factor in the CU Dems' popularity this year?

  9. exactly

    their completely having nothing to do with it might be precisely why they get credit for it - My name is Barack Obama and I (don't really) stand for anything. Except actually doing something.

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