Rich, Beautiful Girl Finally Gets the Attention She Deserves

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beeVanity Fair
has released its 68th Annual International Best-Dressed List; the top ten best-dressed women include the very Vogue Bee Shaffer CC’09 (Anna Wintour’s daughter, but you knew that). Her company at the top includes Renée Zellweger, Michelle Obama, and, for some reason, Fran Lebowitz.

Congratulations, Bee; we’re sure your summer is far more glamorous than ours.

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  1. i wonder

    do you think there's awkwardness in the house because anna is jealous of bee? think that happens? bet it gets catty...and kinda hottt

  2. oh yea

    what's with all these girls and their weird head tilt in all of the photos they take?! has anyone noticed that? i mean most of them are hot (these girls/them being the socialites and the heiresses and etc) but a) a lot of them do have kinda long necks so maybe thats it and b) maybe they all suffer from horrible weird posture?

  3. I WANT  

    ONE NOW, LISA HOGARTY! What is this "later in the fall" stuff?

  4. best dressed?

    in the public eye, sure. i've totally seen her bumbling around mcbain in sweatpants. granted, they were probably sweatpants that cost more than my entire wardrobe, but sweatpants nonetheless.

  5. lolz

    Bumbling... like a bumblebee?

  6. i hear

    she has really cute blue tits.

  7. DHI

    Glad to see Michelle Obama is getting some recognition - she's a good looking woman.
    Barack 1, Bill Clinton 0.

    • ughh

      what the hell does that mean?
      Barack and Bill aren't in a contest, and even if they were, why would their wives appearing on a best dressed list up their scores? Just because Hillary doesn't dress as well as Michelle doesn't mean that Bill is "losing" to Barack. I mean, Bill would obviously beat Barack in a moment's notice if he could still run and I'd put my money on Bill in a fight too. Pretty much Bill could own Barack in any way/shape/form/fashion.

    • psh

      I don't see Barack getting Oval Office head.

      Bill Clinton 69, Barack 0

  8. man, bee

    is so fucking hot

  9. Captain Obvious

    Newsflash: Anyone can be "best-dressed" if they've got the money to buy anything they want.

    • that couldn't be...

      further from the truth. Some of the worst-dressed celebrities have the most money.

      • ouch

        the lack of logical reasoning hurts. Being rich implies you are capable of being well dressed.
        Being rich does not imply you want to be or are well dressed.
        Hope you're not intending to pursue any grad school as the exams might be out of your league

        • '08

          don't you just love Columbia? we even get pretentious and argumentative about celebrities.

          • except

            That Bee isn't really a celebrity...yet. You have to do something like get arrested, act in a B movie, or release a sex tape before you can really consider yourself a celebrity.

        • Captain Obvious

          ...Especially because the standards used to determine "best" are those of a small group of people who are concerned with, and can afford, designers. Therefore, best = that which is exclusive to the rich. Some rich people look like schlubs, but if your only options are Wal-Mart and Target then it's impossible to even compete with the people who are judged best-dressed by other rich people.


  10. DHI

    The problem with that comment was the tired-ass "x 1, y 0". I fucking hate that phrase, so I don't know why I said that. I still think Michelle Obama's hot, without that hollywood unnatural look.

    • rjt

      I have totally been touting the hotness of Michelle Obama since she was hot at her husband's Senate seat-winning speech.

      Also whoever posted that GOB thing, God bless you. Bwog comments usually make me hate humanity, and that one made me laugh.

  11. CC '09  

    people should stop giving bee shit. She's a really sweet individual who is constantly bashed for having a famous mom.

    But on the flipside it's interesting to note that vanity fair is a conde nast publication...

  12. y'all bitches

    are forgetting Kucinich's wife! babelicious, bro!

  13. well.....

    There are only two things women should be wearing: aprons and nothing.

  14. What?  

    Michelle Obama = hot? What? Is everyone taking crazy pills?

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