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sdfsStudent Services Vice President Lisa Hogarty just let you know in an e-mail that we’ll all be getting nifty new ID cards come fall (that Rita Hollander is one impressive woman). Two bits that matter. 

One: the cards will NOT use our social security numbers. Bwog hopes this means that neighborhood flex points a la NYU are coming down the pike–SSN security has always been the holdup.

And two: the cards will allow for “more convenient building access while maintaining safe environments.” Could that mean that…Barnard has opened its doors, at long last?



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  1. hmm

    flex point schmex points...

    when is columbia getting a ticket central?

  2. coudln't it be

    RFID versus barcode access?

  3. lovely rita

    is also the public safety meter maid.

  4. who said

    they were going to use barcode access? the way they word the website it sounds like there will be RFID access

  5. quiqui

    there goes my post-graduation library access...

    • actually

      all alums can get alumni reading cards for like five bucks. looks just like the columbia card but says alumni reading card instead. explains all the creepy old people there. plus i assume the old id card will still be valid for quite some time.

  6. varun

    those are nice IDs. and yeah, barnard dorms are exclusively all-girl; the easier access probably means RFID versus plain old swipe.

    'bout time.

    • Barnard dorms  

      are not exclusively all-girl... Plenty of Columbia students of both sexes live in them. The real reason for the swipe access barrier is that no one wants to admit that both CC and Barnard just want to keep the GS creeps out.

  7. ignorant?

    what's RFID? is that like the new credit cards where I just wave it around and some magic sensor registers that it's me? if so, all hail RFID and good riddance to the days of sleepy, clumsy guards taking hours to swipe you in

  8. sorry

    but could barnard access really get any easier?

  9. ...

    i prefer validation stickers over printed expiration dates.

  10. ...

    i just noticed that of the two affiliates, only teachers college gets "columbia university" below.

    suck it, barnard.

  11. CUIT birdie  

    The easier access does in fact mean the card is equipped with an RFID. Those of us who are corporate tools should be familiar with these, as they're present in the proximity-activated ID cards that most office buildings have nowadays. Public safety is in the process of upgrading all the card reading equipment to support these. As for eliminating the lobby lag, I think not-- the guards will likely just become "card wavers" instead of "card swipers." I suppose it'll eliminate the problem of broken readers/demagnetized IDs, at least.

    I'm all for flex at Hamdel.

  12. o h yo  

    fuck RFID. that's egregious.

    also you don't need to be a current student or have a current ID to use the library peeps

  13. Iris scans

    are the way to go. We would instantly be cooler than everybody else

  14. ...

    how did columbia exist before swipe?

    how did students survive before the internet?

  15. I think

    the real question is what did students do before computers? The thought of writing a paper, or a senior thesis, on a typewriter gives me nightmares.

  16. Alum

    Twenty-odd years ago the ID cards had social security numbers actually punched into the plastic, like an old-fashioned computer card. Anyone who got ahold of someone else's ID and realized what the holes meant could figure out the SSN in a few seconds, with no equipment.

    It gets weirder. Instead of being confined to one area the holes were spread across the entire surface of the card -- including the photo. On my card, one of the holes was punched right through my mouth.

    I think magnetic strips were first introduced around 1985.

  17. Rita Hollander

    oh my god thank you columbia for updating my joint IDs! this'll make pursuing my joint BA/EdD/PhD!

  18. Rita Hollander

    oh my god thank you columbia for updating all my IDs! this'll make pursuing my joint BA/EdD/PhD so much easier!

  19. EFF

    rfid means that cu students can now be detected. our enemies will now be able to triangulate our positions from nearly several feet away.

    • Faraday Cage Match  

      I know that was a joke, but it'd be hard for the powers that be to use card-embedded RFIDs to track you passively-- the sensors have a very low range, so they'd quite literally have to cover the campus in readers and hope that you pass your card near one.

  20. Meh

    I think these IDs are uglier than the ones we have now. Alma Mater FTW!

  21. #34

    forgot to add...

    I like Alma Mater the way she is now, not this profile view.

    And what of the under 21/over 21 dichotomy? As far as I'm aware, the way things currently are, red-on-white becomes white-on-red once you come of age. What now? Or will that information just be embedded in the RFID?

  22. TAT

    I wonder if I will have my TA affiliation listed as being a Columbia employee as well as a student. That would be so cool!

  23. i was...

    really looking forward to sticking a yoda head sticker over alma mater's head on my shiny new id. but then they go and change the layout... DAMN YOU COLUMBIA!

  24. proximity

    they've updated the turnstiles in lerner with new card readers. just saying.

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