Culpa will be out of the office…

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kjkTo those who have e-mailed and commented in panic over the apparent disappearance of CULPA: please calm down. The relevant authorities have been rousted from their sleepy summer reveries, and are checking into the problem. 

Besides, it really is still the first week of August.

UPDATE, 8/7, 12:15 AM EST: We’ve been notified that the site is back up and running.




  1. bored

    Maybe they will finally get around to posting reviews at the end of the year. What we need is a site to review review-sites.

  2. culpa

    is still alcente from the office.

  3. culpa

    is so slow. it takes months for reviews to show up.

  4. the site

    is still not back.

  5. maybe

    they are finally posting the reviews from last semester. At long last, I will have my revenge.

  6. tom

    It is still down, lets fix this

  7. john

    Ahh, it's still down!!

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