Cute Campus Concert Alert!

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Last week a vigilant commenter tipped us off to a possible They Might Be Giants concert happening on October 14th on campus. Well, first, said commenter was lucky that a Bwog editor caught that tidbit (send in things to the alias, come on now!). Second, we emailed TMBG’s bookers High Road Touring and they confirmed the date- and added that it’s going to be a “kids show.” So you can geek out and regress into early childhood to your heart’s content.

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  1. this settles it

    there really is a God after all and he is benevolent and he has answered my prayers. they might be fucking giants. i'm fucking set. hell yes!
    (also finally a non-rap/non-local-or-shitty-band-that-only-25-people-have-heard-of concert on campus)

    • ew...  

      they might be fucking giants? i really don't see how that is child appropriate. Giants, yes; having sex with giants on stage, no.

      Sounds like these guys really need to have focus groups for their performances prior to showing.

  2. Cute?

    Cute, no. For fucks sake, these are Canadian forty-somethings. La Puke. Whadda ya do, get hot and bothered when the GS dude in the back of class is belching up the sandwich his wife made him for lunch. Nasty thing you are.

  3. TMBG

    are awesome! But I wish they would do their songs from th 80s and 90s. So much better than their albums for kids.

  4. Standard Comment 31:

    More things should be tagged X.

  5. istanbul

    not constantinople!

  6. the sun  

    is a mass of incandescent gas!

    (oh and bwog, water in teh subwayz, hazin' a flud)

  7. Tom  

    Funny thing is, during my very first month at CU in 1988, Columbia Concerts and the BOM (Board of Managers -- ominous sounding name of Student Activities umbrella group) -- sponsored a concert by TMBG, in the Wollman Auditorium of FBH. I guess some things never change around here! I recall helping carry their equipment (which was basically an accordion and a beat box...)

  8. idunno  

    the concerts i recall are kanye, wyclef, yo la tengo, maroon 5...wyclef is indisputably awesome and the rest are at least high profile

  9. alexw  

    Not to put to fine a point on it,
    Say I'm the only be in your bonnet!
    Make a little birdhouse in your soul.

  10. hater124

    they should tip you the show your a fag. You cocksucking pig fuckers

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