1. Sprinkles

    Turns out she's even more stupid than she looks. Which is pretty difficult for a lot of musicians.

    PETA kills more animals than city shelters, y'all.

  2. hmm  

    I typed "columbia is an asshole" in quotes in google (of course in quotes...I want to see if columbia is an asshole, not whether columbia and asshole are on the same page, separated by twelve paragraphs)

    i got a total of one hit. that hit was the nymag article.

    • rjt

      Just did the exact same thing.

      I don't really know how to organize a "Google Bomb," but isn't this the kind of thing that just begs for it? Ideal: just like that "french military victories" fake Google one except it this one would return, "Did you mean: Nellie McKay is an asshole"?

      • well  

        you'd first need someone to host a page that would say that, then just post links everywhere with the words "columbia is an asshole" linking to the page. this google bomb shouldn't be that hard since there's only one other site that shows up when those search terms are typed, so you basically have to make the fake-google page more popular than the nymag article.

      • Raines

        I'm willing to host the Google bomb page if others can help get links to it.

  3. crank squad

    spiderman dat ho

  4. its so sad...  

    when groups that might actually have some valid points have big chunks their credibility sucked away by idiots like her.

  5. like fucking sheep  

    so what's the popular consensus here? she isn't allowed to voice her opinion on an issue she feels strongly about in the way she most comfortably voices opinions about things she feels strongly about because she isn't as smart as us? word up

    • Yes.

      That is correct, sir. I wouldn't want Paris Hilton talking smack about my university over things she cannot comprehend either.

    • like fucking sheep

      ...with bad grammar, apparently:

      "as smart as we [are]"

      • nope

        I would type my own argument, but just read what the AHBoEU has to say:

        personal pronouns after as. Your mother is just as proud as me, said the father to the child with good grades. But should he have said, Your mother is just as proud as I? As with similar constructions using than, there is a traditional rule stating that the pronoun following as … as … constructions must be in the nominative case, demonstrated by the fact that She is just as proud as I is really a truncated version of the sentence She is just as proud as I am. Another way to put it would be to say that the second as functions as a conjunction, not as a preposition, in these sentences. Whatever the merits of this logic, the as me construction is very common in speech and appears regularly in the writing of highly respected writers. Moreover, you can argue that the second as is really a preposition in these constructions and demands the objective case. And there is the objection that as I constructions are overly formal, even pretentious. In short, both constructions are defensible and both are subject to attack. When you want to play it safe, use the as I construction, but throw in the verb to make it a clause: She is just as proud as I am.

    • the consensus

      is that she has every right in the world to make herself look like an idiot!

    • criticism

      does not equal censorship.

  6. it's sadder  

    when causes that might actually be valid enough to gain the support of the community have big chunks of their appeal sucked away by snobbery

    we all want the same fucking thing douchebags. this bitch agrees with you

    • uhhh  

      No we do not "all" want the same thing.
      When did anti-expansion, anti-animal-use become default positions?
      Is it possible that people who pay to attend a great RESEARCH university scorn the source of their reputation to such an extent?
      We need space; we need to use animals. QUIT THE SELF-HATING.
      Universities are good. I will say it: progress is good. Jobs, research, beautification, and schools are good. People are selling. It's going to happen, so get over yourselves. And the animal labs aren't leaving either.

  7. this is

    precisely why all blondes should have at least one pair of lips sewn shut at birth.

  8. punmaster flash


  9. All in agreement

    basically, shes so ugly that she can't be taken seriously, also asides from her straight-up nastiness, she is dumb. i'm glad nymag took a horrid pic of her, oh and she also sucks musically. good indie, she is not.

  10. alum

    Let's see. Columbia has been a part of NYC since 1754 and resident in upper Manhattan since 1898 or so. Young blonde British-American Nellie herself lives in a gentrified Harlem (talk about being part of the problem) and then criticizes Columbia for wanting to stay in the city it has served for 250 years by expanding in a long-depressed neighborhood adjacent to its home? Not to mention dumping on one of the heroes of the affirmative action movement, Lee Bollinger. Hope she can afford to open her own venue, because she's going to find that most clubs don't like their acts talking politics.

  11. is it just me

    or is her chin really really off center?

  12. alright

    I'm just going to say it. I hope she becomes afflicted with some disease or disorder that a Columbia lab is working diligently to treat/cure. yeah, fuck research!11!1!!


    oh right, cuz columbia university is the ONLY growing institution in this planet that uses animals for research.

    ...get real.

  14. sometimes

    people don't even realize that i'm black.

  15. mike vick

    I support animal cruelty in all its shapes and forms.

  16. rtgrfyhkg,jnbh c

    why can't we talk about hotter hipster musicians like sarah lewitinn

  17. back on topic

    i thought Columbia doesn't do this what's the big deal. If PETA really cares this much about something in the past, they should look feline experiments of former Senate majority leader Bill Frist...and find other people besides actors and musicians to their spokespeople

  18. ^whoops

    dropped the ball on the grammar, but you get my point.

  19. interested

    bwog, why didn't you cover the story posted in Spec about Nick Sprayregen, the self-interested Anti-Columbia expansion organizer that wants to use his land in Manhattanville for LUXURY HOUSING?!

    • Sprinkles

      Whoa. That's a new side to the story. I'm surprised no one mentioned the possibility of that happening yet. It makes sense that slumlords near Columbia would want to stop expansion so that the tenants they find after getting rid of poor people wouldn't have to be near the university.

      (Not accusing Nick Sprayregen of being a slumlord. Just saying there could be some.)

      • ZvS

        Traditionally, slumlords would rather be next to a university. Students are almost always willing to pay more rent than average tenants, if for no other reason than a willingness to live at a higher density. There's some good studies on the issue -- closing dorms causes *ludicrious* rent increases.

        I would, instead, guess that he's holding out for more money and using his ability to be a media darling [for some reason] as leverage.

  20. WASP

    Screw the hipster types, and let in more like my girlfriend Muffy and I. After all, we're the ones actually donating money to the school and not protesting all its "unfair" policies like Ms. McKay and her silly leftist friends.

    We'll host them all at the St. A's house for a dinner party during NSOP and then I'll take all the lads to J. Press for sport coats afterwards! It'll be just peachy!

  21. Sprinkles

    Despatch Moving, a business in Manhattanville that swore it wouldn't sell out to Columbia, just...sold out to Columbia. There's a gag order preventing the sellers from discussing the terms of the sale, including how much Columbia paid.

    As they say in France: Roffelle!

  22. Bill Cosby

    President Bollinger looks to be like a BIG STUPID DOODOO HEAD!!!

    By the way, I ever tell y'all how me and my friends used to play a game called buck-buck?


  23. voice of experience

    nelly mckay is shrill and boring. i went to one of her concerts once and left after five minutes to go to a bar instead. on balance, a great decision.

    notice how she always has to play this card to get press of any sort. that's because she's not very interesting.

  24. Nellie is Mean

    I agree with your comments. How disrespectful to do what she's doing. Even her own fansite (1 of the 2. There are only two in existence) is bashing her now after she harassed the owner. She's got nothing better to do because she never has any gigs to play. William Hung's album sold more than hers. Its a true fact. She lost 2 of the 11 fans she had, and now her own fan who pays to run her fansite (until it expires) has turned againt her. Why: because she's as you described.

    • reni

      I just helped with sound for a show Nellie played at Tifanny's. She played 30 minutes and made $15,000. I wouldn't say she "never has any gigs to play" or that she has only "2" fans now. I think she's doing pretty well for herself, without selling out to the media whores (or record labels, if you've ever heard anything about her fights with them). Her first album was on tons of critically acclaimed "best of" lists.

      • Media-Ho

        Oh I'd say this constitutes as media-whoring in the worst possible way.

        • Definitely

          Her first album, which was on the "media whore" label Sony and sold 120K+ copies. Her second got mixed reviews and only sold aroud 20K. The distributor SpinART dropped her contract, most likely for losing money on it.

          Maybe you should ask her former manager Lach if he thinks she's so great for firing him without cause, which is illegal in New York, after she was signed to Sony, um, Media Whore so she could hire her mother as her manager.

          Maybe you should ask her former friend and webmaster for the now defunct if she thinks Nellie is so great. Also ask why they are no longer friends and why Ms. McKay had to pay quite a chunk of change to "Media Whore" to get back.

          She's certainly climbed to the top of the D list alright though she stabbed people in the back to get the modicum of success she has. She's a hypocrite for criticizing an institution like Columbia, which does far more good for the world via their medical research than she ever will with her campy protest songs and immature publicity stunts.

  25. '07

    No more bwog for a whole couple weeks???? BWOG, WHAT am I supposed to do at work now??

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