Tonight: A reminder of your insignificance

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Bwog likes to report the occasional celestial phenomenon, so Stephanie Quan sends along this tip:

“Perseid Meteor Shower TONIGHT

Go outside tonight after midnight. If there isn’t too much air pollution or cloud cover, there will be a spectacular meteor shower in the Northeast (strongest in the pre-dawn hours). If you’re out in open, dark country, you might see up to 60 shooting stars an hour.

The Perseid meteoroids are debris from the Swift-Tuttle Comet, which takes 130 years to circle the sun. Swift-Tuttle is part of a comet kin from the Oort Cloud. Most comets from this cloud don’t make it close to earth, but a few have been pulled into a trajectory closer to the earth, creating beautiful meteor showers several times a year.”

It’s currently rainy and miserable at this Bwogger’s house. Anyone in luck with nice weather?

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  1. mmm  

    hella nice near columbia right now.

  2. I HATE

    I hate meteors. Fuck 'em, man. Stars that are as good as fucked. Fuck their crazy tails, fuck their panspermia-carrying payloads. Fuck 'em.

  3. I hope

    the FroSci tag is a sarcastic allusion to the insignificance of the course.

  4. Leroy

    Goddamn NHL. Muthafuck.

  5. saw it

    and boy was it amazing. one of the few perks of living in bumblefuck, i suppose - nothing between me and the stars except the occasional wayward farmer.

  6. yea

    this is a great meteor shower. used to watch it at scout camp all the time upstate.

  7. Chinese factories

    One of the definite, definite disadvantages to being in Shanghai, where on a clear night you can see, oh, maybe 3 stars...
    ...not to mention the meteor shower was probably during the daytime here...and on the other side of the sum, this comment was pointless

  8. anony

    The title of this posting sums it up perfectly ("a reminder of your insignificance"). I find astronomy and such soooo depressing, and I thought I was the only one..

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