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Bwog scheduler Stephanie Quan is back with your weekly dose of fun.

kjkMonday, August 13

* Casablanca – here’s looking at you ki-BLAHHH. Bryant Park, Sunset.

* Breath – illuminating exhibit at Lincoln Center, 8:30pm

Junior Senior – D-d-don’t don’t stop the beat. Highline Ballroom, 7pm, $18.

Tokyo Police Club – because you missed them at South Street Seaport a few weeks ago. Bowery Ballroom, 7:30, $15

Women’s Wrestling/Grappling – Join Team Artemis as they teach you how to safely wrestle and grapple. Fight House, 6:30pm, $15 womyn, $20 asshole men.


Tuesday, August 14th

* Pilates Mat Class – the most massively useful thing you can bring to this is a thick large towel…and a mat.  Boardwalk of the Brooklyn Bridge Park, 6:30pm. Rain Location-Tobacco Warehouse.

* Breakfast at Tiffany’s – And I said, “What about this movie?” and you said “Go to Hell”. Elevated Acre, 8pm 

* Jay Leohart and Wycliffe Gordon – some awesome after-work jazz, Lincoln Center, 6-9pm

* Free Cinnabon!- pass by a Cinnabon between 6:30-9:30am and be one of the lucky customers to receive a free latte!


Wednesday, August 15th

* Days in Heaven – the tagline for this movie was “your eyes, your ears, your senses will be overwhelmed”. We’ll see. Pier 1 (70th St. and Riverside Park), 8:30pm

Projekt Revolution – see they turned the c into a k like Korn, that way they can seem more xcore. Jones Beach Theater, 7pm, $40+, Tickets here

* David Mendell- Meet the author of “Obama: From Promise to Power”. Bryant Park, 12:30.

Last Naumberg Summer Concert – trying to escape the Mostly Mozart Festival? Try some Britten. Naumberg Bandshell, 7:30pm


Thursday, August 16th

* The Natural – magical sports fantasy starring Rob Redford. Get there early and you can rock out to some DJs playing baseball and swing tunes. Brooklyn Bridge Park, 6pm- Music, Sunset- movie.

* Favela Rising – free samba lessons and a Tribeca film festival favorite. Hamilton Lawn, 7pm dancing, 9pm film.

* Sydney White – this shit looks hilariously bad. But since it is geared towards teens, you with your college ID can get into the advanced movie screening before the grown-ups. AMC, 7pm, free with this pass

* Dancing on the Plaza: Salsa- if you haven’t been to a dancing event yet, this one is the one to go to this week. Central Park (110th and Lenox-ish), 6-8:30pm 

~*One Day I Will Control The Sun- 11 artists interpret man v. nature. Arsenal Gallery, 9-5 M-F


Friday, August 17th

* Maroon 5 – Maybe at Today they will be loved. Rockefeller Plaza, 7am

Mozart Dances: Mark Morris Dance Company- part of this week’s Mostly Mozart Festival, featuring concertos 11 and 27 as well as sonata in D major. New York State Theater, 8pm, $30+ 

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum – SOAD but with homemade instruments such as a “Viking Rowboat” and “Glockenspiel”? To tell you the truth they scare me a little. Highline Ballroom, 7pm, $15

* Happy Feet- Because you kinda do want to see it. Pier 46, Sunset.

* Lula Washington Dance Theater- afro-caribbean, modern, street, its bound to be amazing Lincoln Center, 7:30pm

* The National – more free music! They supposedly sound like Dylan, Cash and Cohen rolled into one.  South Street Seaport, 7pm 

~Gerard Depardieu Festival – Watch Cyrano de Begerac, and other movies to your nose’s content. Lincoln Center, all this week, schedule here, $7 each (on Fri.- Cyrano 3:45pm, Mon Oncle D’Amerique 8:45pm)


Saturday, August 18th 

Bishop Allen – Bwog had a post about them a few weeks ago. Here’s your chance to see this indie pop sensation. Bowery Ballroom, 8pm, $15

* 7 Stories High – in a burnt old building, 7 people try to reconstruct what happened. New School, 5pm other show times listed here.

* Don Witter Jr. – classical guitar extraordinaire. NYPL Columbus, 2pm 

Badass Burlesque – no explanation needed. Bowery Poetry Club, 11:59pm, $15

~Fringe Festival – with over 200 companies, this festival presents dozens of free plays every day this week. Schedule and descriptions here.


Sunday, August 19th

* 8th Annual Blues BBQ – Food from places like Brother Jimmy’s, Dallas, and Dino. Music from places like Mississippi and Chicago. Pier 54, 2-9pm.

* 24th Annual Roots of American Music Festival – it’s a free country concert with Sid Selvidge, Rosemary Woods, Tom Paxton, etc. Whoot. Lincoln Center, starts 1pm.

* Helios and JellyNYC Pool Parties- loved Blond Redhead last week? Ghostland Observatory this week. This is the LAST ONE this season. McCarren Pool, all day. RSVP here

* Julliard Concert IV- continuing the large classical music theme this week- music for ensembles. MoMA, 7pm

* = FREE


Tip of the Week – catch the remnants of the Perseid Meteor Shower between midnight and dawn this week. Just look out to the northeast on a cloudless night.

Also- interested in climbing? For $15 you can climb at City Climbers Club M-F 4:30-8:30, Sat 12-5. To be put on the Columbia climbing club’s list, email with the message “subscribe climbing”.


  1. rmb

    Tom Paxton is playing on the 18th, not the 19th - there are two days of the 24th Annual Roots of American Music Festival. And it's folk music, not country music.

  2. Giulia

    Also: Tuesday has Bonnie and Clyde playing at McCarren Park Pool, and isn't Tokyo Police Club already sold out? Would be important info for anyone bothering to make their way down there...

  3. boo

    Breakfast at Tiffany's. Boo.

  4. does  

    anyone know why ellen baker isn't teaching the american labor class anymore? ssol changed it to someone named michael merrill.

  5. is that

    artillery fire?

    ....or is it my heart pounding?

  6. listservs?

    is there a list of columbia email lists somewhere?

    • (suspicious)

      why do you want to know if there's a list of CU listservs? Are you some sort of wide-eyed first-year who literally wants to sign up to every single one?
      Take this advice: do it the old fashioned way. Go to Low steps whatever day that huge fair is, walk up to tables, take the free candy, and sign every piece of paper you can. Allow yourself to be wooed by the incredible charisma coming from some of the booths: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Nightline, College Democrats, King's Crown Shakespeare Troupe, I could go on and on. I'm still on a South Asian club mailing list, and I'm white as the driven snow.
      If you must know, then here's my understanding, which could be way off. Many clubs, departments, etc. manage their e-mail lists through a Columbia system (this gives them an address). There is probably a list of these somewhere. However, be warned that many clubs don't manage the list that way, they have their own way, which may or may not involve a crumpled sheet of notebook paper. So there's certainly not a comprehensive list of every listserv of consequence.
      What would help you get an answer is if you posted more information about what you're looking for and why.

  7. happy concertgoer

    Korn was in the first Projekt Revolution in 2004 so it was xcore. This one seems just emoish.

  8. sara

    arrived at Bryant Park way before the movie started, but apparently a few hours too late! The place was completely packed!

  9. Veteran advice-giver

    Sara: Just so you know, you have to arrive a good fifteen minutes before 5 in Bryant Park to even get a chance at a spot, line up along the edge of the lawn with blanket/towel in hand, and once the 5 o'clock whistle sounds, you kinda gotta just run and dive.

    How about I just let this prove my point:

  10. steph quan

    holy shit that video is amazing

  11. skeptic

    is this cinnabon shit substantiated? i need to know

  12. great list

    of things to do when you've got the mean reds.

  13. bogart

    "here's looking at you ki-BLAHHH."

    what does this mean?

  14. Veteran again

    I didn't get that either, until I went to the movie on Monday night. Basically, since everyone has already seen Casablanca x number of times, everyone new when all of those great, now cinematic-cliche lines were going to come up. Every time, the audience held its collective breath and the silence was nearly palpable, but then, before the line in question was complete, everyone would break out into applause and cheers, hence:

    "Here's looking at you ki-BLAHHH!"

    “Of all the gin joins in all the world, she had to walk into mi-WAAAAAAAA!”

    “I am shocked, SHOCKED I tell you to find that there has been gambling going on in this establiWOOOOOOWOAAAAAAA!!!!”

    etc, etc...and so on...

    • interesting theory

      As someone who went to DC's version of the event (btw, national mall > bryant park) I think Steph may have been referring to the ridiculous strings that accompany every climactic moment in that movie.

  15. Veteran again again

    "everyone new"

    make that "knew"


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