When consultants come knocking

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Bwog received a similar e-mail in its inbox this afternoon. A kind reminder that doors are closing every day now!


Dear Bwog,

On behalf of the The Firm Columbia Recruiting Team, this is a kind reminder

that the application deadline to be considered for the early interviews is

Friday, August 24th.  Please make sure to apply online through The Firm’s


Additionally, please send an email indicating you have applied and include

a brief description of your situation to myself, ——, at

——[email protected].

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


The Firm




  1. i before e

    ...except after c

  2. link

    the link doesn't work, geniuses.

  3. Lydia

    Link and spelling fixed.

    -- Genius

  4. pedantry

    i get such a hardon correcting mistakes in blog entries

  5. The Firm

    sounds much like the creepy Company in the enormous Primatech paper building. The One Without Any Initials.

  6. kooky

    wait, is that for rising seniors? or internships

  7. fdgjh

    thats gotta be internships right? full time recruiting is getting started now so you wouldnt really be getting much benefit from any "early" interviews right?
    or maybe im wrong?

  8. Anonymous

    of all the qualities to ascribe to yourself, "the firm" is an odd one to choose...

  9. ~_^

    This is a strange post. Why use the creepy 'The Firm' tag when you've given us a link to McKinsey?

  10. i would rather

    shoot myself in the face than go to work for mckinsey.

  11. beh

    why do people think it's cool to be a consultant? you essentially deal with the same shit as the people who go to wall street banks or law only involves slightly more humiliating airport security screenings.

    • except

      bankers get considerably better salaries (think about crazy bonuses) when that markets aren't going to hell
      (and when the markets do go to hell, like this summer, everyone is fucked, so no difference really)

    • huh?

      I work as a consultant, and I don't get the airport screenings reference. Maybe it's because I'm tired and overworked, but what am I missing?

      • Mr. McKinsey

        don't most people go into consulting because there's a lot of travel involved? that's the cool part, from what I understand...except airports aren't very cool places to be anymore.

        • traveler

          and anyone who's actually had to do consistent traveling for work knows every other aspect sucks too...
          the novelty of being flown around and put up in fancy hotels is nice the first couple of times, but then you get tired of having to deal with airports, packing your shit, not being able to sleep in your own home, being away from friends/family, etc.
          on the other hand, i always schedule several random craigslist encounters in the cities im visiting! (just kidding, but i had a manager who suggested it, claims he met people for dinner several times via CL...)

  12. ohhh

    Damn, the other problem with being a consultant for a living is you get in the habit of reading other people's writing so critically that you sometimes totally miss the point.

    I read "slightly more humiliating airport security screenings" and thought, "Why are the airport security screenings for consultants any more humiliating than the ones for bankers?"

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