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We know this is a cry for attention, so we’re just going to get it over with. 



Other hip banner slogans include:

“It’s bigger than a bread box”

“Of all the college papers in America, we’re one of them.”

“Not part of the journalism school since 1877”

“Independent since 1962. Cynical since way before that.”

“The savviest umbrella on campus.”

“The nation’s second oldest newspaper. We think.”

“Daily. Independent. Tpyo free.”

“Where talking to strangers is strongly encouraged.”

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  1. Blah...

    Those were so funny I forgot to laugh.

  2. dear spec

    i know you're a pretty shitty excuse for a real paper, but please, stop before you embarass yourselves.

    wait, too late.

  3. umm...  

    case in point i guess?

  4. Hmmm

    If only there was some sort of Internet site that could punch the Bwog.

  5. bravo  

    Spec sneezes and Bwog posts -- it sounds to me like you played right into their hands. Maybe it's time to stop referencing your rival in every third post.

  6. dear spec

    your humor is pathetic. stick to what you are good at.

  7. fwiw  

    I haven't been a speccie for two years and don't hold the paper in particularly high regard. I was only pointing out that Bwog relies on Spec's content a lot, maybe to a fault sometimes. But I love Bwog, I swear. Everybody chill.

  8. that was  

    in reply to #6

  9. I got

    my new ID, and the RFID r0xx0rz my b0xx0rz. mostly because i can "swipe" into places by rubbing my crotch-adjacent area on the reader.

  10. funny

    it wasnt working last week...

    where have you tried?

  11. How many times  

    Have Spectator and Lameness been tagged together? Well done.

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