QuickSpec – utterly original edition

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  1. lover

    i have missed you quickspec

  2. Editorial

    I thought the editorial was really good. Fuck you guys

  3. Personally  

    I'd go to all the NSOP events that give out free stuff and food. Besides, the point is to meet other freshies, and by skipping the awful events you miss out on commiserating for 4 years to come.

  4. technorati

    nouveau sploggers apparently like to bury their heads in vonnegut. just like real incoming freshman.

  5. hah

    Aw, it sounds like bwog missed spec. O-Splog is quite the name, I like it. The blog looks good.

  6. i remember

    NSOP and all my asshole freshman buddies. So glad I don't speak to, see or smell any of them ever any more.

  7. alma mater

    bollinger speaking at the community board's meeting.

    • hi nellie!

      You should get the angry villagers to bring their torches and pitchforks next time.

    • Ignorant peasants  

      Wow, what a pointless cause. I can't believe these people still think they can stop us from building in Manhattanville. Like it or not, it's going to happen, and the neighborhood will be much improved from its current shitty state. Politics be damned.

  8. hah  

    It's like an NSOP schedule book... in the margins of Bwog!

  9. ummm  

    baby steps of prefrosh link is broken

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