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Bwog just got wind of a terrible bit of news: Our local Labyrinth branch will soon be called Book Culture due to a business dispute with its other incarnation in New Haven.

A call to the store revealed that they plan to make the switch at the end of the week. Far be it from us to criticize branding methods, but Book Culture? Come on.



  1. ok...  

    that is sad--but will anything else change?

  2. are you

    @#$ing serious??? I thought it was the EXACT SAME STORE? I thought the deal was that Columbia was looking for something to go there, and literally CALLED UP the Yale branch and asked if they wanted to open an outpost in the space?

    This is beyond retarded. I'm assuming everyone will just keep calling it Labyrinth. I certainly will.

  3. Alum

    The building is temporary, so I guess the name might as well be too.

  4. sweet

    This makes my Labyrinth Books canvas bag a collectible!

  5. r.i.p. labyrinth

    the minotaur never caught me.

  6. i hope my card

    still works there


    God I hated those shitheads at Labyrinth. I hope everyone of 'em ends up on the street

  8. hmm

    maybe this one will be cheaper?? maybe, just maybe?

  9. weird

    that explains why its been showing on my credit card statement as Book Culture...

  10. wtf is book culture

    I hope that cute emo guy at the register is still there...

  11. HOORAY


    Please, Profs, use the fucking Columbia bookstore. Sure it's a Barnes & Noble in disguise, but at least it's accountable for getting our books in!

  12. there was a cute  

    girl who worked there about six years ago. if she's out on the street, she can stay with me

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