Senior Wisdom – Orientation Edition

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They’ve done it all before, so first-years listen up: Bwog brings you the testimony of seniors you may annoy soon. First up is Chas Carey, Editor in Chief of the Fed, College Rock co-director at WBAR, and Banqueteer in Honor of the King of Spain.

jfjWhat is the best way these freshman can annoy you (the upperclassmen)?

Join a club just to improve your resume. You’ve got a lot of opportunities here to do things you actually want to do in your free time. Don’t be miserable while kissing up because you want to say you “have experience with InDesign” or “participated in a local radio station” or whatever. Do  something you enjoy – that’ll actually reflect better on your overachieving ass in the long run, anyway.

What was your best freshman moment?

Doing KCST’s outdoor “Hamlet,” in which my bit part involved getting dirt  flung at me. In the freezing rain. All three nights. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.


Passing out on the subway only to “wake up” finishing a conversation I couldn’t remember starting on a 1 train in the Bronx at 5 AM.

What is something every freshman should do while at Columbia?

Explore. Get out to all five boroughs (even… shudder… Staten Island). Keep trying to find new places you like. Do it early – you get jaded as you get settled and your radius of “places you’re willing to head out to” will shrink right down to “whichever dive bar closest to Carman doesn’t care about my crappy fake” if you don’t build it up from the start.

What three songs help to better understand Columbia?

Fela Kuti – “Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense”

Laurie Anderson – “Smoke Rings”

Ian Dury & The Blockheads – “Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick”

What is the best thing to eat at John Jay?

trays mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.



  1. CML Imposter  

    The Fed = Garbage

  2. Advice for frosh


  3. yay  

    Please keep Senior Wisdom going all year long! It was so good at the end of last year.

  4. cc '10 in queens

    there's no point in visiting staten island. seriously.

  5. chas

    isn't gs and he's a pretty cool guy. not that the two should be exclusive or something.

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