Senior Wisdom: Orientation Edition

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Meet Calvin Sun, president of Asian American Alliance (which we believe to be the genesis of this little venture), vice president of the class of 2008, breakdancer, bartender, biochem major, and now MTV star. You’ll probably see him wandering around Lerner shirtless one of these days. Do not be alarmed, he’s quite harmless.

dfdWhat is the best way these freshman can annoy you (the


Think that they’re better than us. Because they’re not. Bitches!

What was your best freshman moment?

When I became licensed to drive in the great state of Iowa.


Doing a back of the envelope calculation.

What is something every freshman should do while at Columbia?

Frontiers of Science.

What 3 songs should the newbies load up their iPods with now (to

better understand Columbia)?

When your stupid drunk and you want to end the party right:

Backstreet Boys – I Want It That Way

To better understand Columbia:

Afroman – Because I Got High

For yourself:

Telepopmusik – Just Breathe

What is the best thing to eat at John Jay?

I’m going to go ahead and assume you mean the best thing to eat in the entire dorm: Chicken Fingers in JJ’s basement supermarket grill place thing. Otherwise, go to HamDel.



  1. froshypoo  

    Great. So that's what the next four years at Columbia will do to me.

  2. can we

    please have LESS CALVIN SUN?

  3. calvin

    is a nice kid. let's stop the silly bashing.

  4. What?  

    No post about CU: Take One?

  5. this guy  

    is an idiot. everything about him makes me hate columbia. he embodies all that is evil about this place!

  6. Also  

    Either the BWOG editor or Mr. Sun is not up on his English:

    "When your stupid drunk"


  7. calvin is

    a great guy and one of the most kind-hearted all around studs you could meet. this is definitely a bad interview though.

  8. Date Rapist

    So this what a drunk, Asian date rapist would look like. Not saying his one, just that he looks like a lounge lizard.

  9. what is up

    with the mtv reference?

  10. Calvin Sun  

    is ugly and apparently not that smart.

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