1. bwog  

    chill the fuck out. 10 posts a day? i can't keep up with this shit. god damn. and these articles are lame. school hasn't even started yet. fuck. pisser.

  2. um...

    Not to be one of those irritating people who corrects other people' spelling... but isn't it "Flintstones," not "Flinstones"?

  3. Crap

    People's, not people'.

  4. Sherry

    Columbia's answer to the Olsen twins?

  5. Uhh  

    And this is notable how?

  6. More newsworthy

    Is that Ashley Bush is a freshman at Barnard. As in Ashley WALKER Bush. From Texas. As in Sr.'s granddaughter and W's niece.

  7. ohhhh

    Cause when you first said it, I thought you meant the daughter of former Major League 2B Homer Bush. Gotcha.

  8. Wait

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and speculate. Either: 1)The individuals mentioned this to someone, in which case (even if they were drunk), they are typically useless former child actors who are worthless as human beings (not to dismiss their potential for utilitarian value in the future).
    2) Someone is frantically googling the names of everyone they meet the first week of orientation. This makes me laugh and frown.

    • i would absolutely

      tell people that i
      a) had been in a major motion picture
      b) was closely related to two presidents
      those sound like pretty major or, if nothing else interesting, parts of a person's life. should they not reveal their histories?

      and the twins ended up at columbia so "typically useless" seems pretty inaccurate.

      flintstones sounds like a pretty cool/funny movie to be in and it's pretty wild for a relative of bush to come to o'reilly's "u of havana-north". don't know any of them, but i'd bet they're as cool as just about anyone else.

      • Yes but...

        Unless she is very, VERY ashamed of being "closely related" to specifically THOSE TWO presidents, she's going to have a very hard time up here at Columbia, and in New York City.

        And for that matter, anywhere else in the world except for the family ranch.

  9. Uhh...  

    These twins are 2010...

    ie. the Bwog is WAY late with their info... might as well start calling it the new Spec.

  10. who

    was that kid in the movie that everyone knew? magnolia maybe? i think i was in his class and someone pointed out he was a big huge movie star or something. nice guy too.

  11. new rule

    all inane posts like this one should list the writer's name so that i can glare at him/her on college walk.

  12. it's

    attitudes exactly like this that convince girls not to go into engineering, and convince girls that are brave enough to enter the field that they're somehow inferior.

  13. bwog  

    almost seems relevant compared to its commenters.

  14. Oliver Sacks

    Of 'The man who mistook his wife for hat' fame is joining the faculty

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