Senior Wisdom: Orientation Edition

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Meet Michelle Diamond, CC’08. She’s the publisher of the Columbia Political Review and an East Campus RA, but you can call her Madam President of the Columbia College Student Council. 

sdfdWhat is the best way freshmen can annoy you (the upperclassmen)?

By traveling in very large groups of people (think an entire Carman floor) around which it’s impossible to navigate.

What was your best freshman moment?

Wow, there is no way I can choose just one.  The entire year was an absolute blast.  Some of my best times were definitely spent with my floor (go Carman 9!).


Freshman year I fell down the steps of Low Library.  I don’t know if it really counts as my worst moment (falling down the McBain steps sophomore year was worse), but it certainly wasn’t something I need to ever do again.

What is something every freshman should do while at Columbia?

Protest something…in a peaceful and respectful manner.

What 3 songs should the newbies load up their ipods with now (to better understand Columbia)?

On Broadway (bc it’s a classic)

(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life (bc you will)

Wonderful World – James Morrison (bc it’s awesome, despite having nothing to do with understanding Columbia).

What is the best thing to eat at John Jay?



  1. erghhh...

    honestly bwog, the people you've been interviewing make me feel like I'm in high school again. I've had the time of my life? Seriously? I mean I know senior year and all is gonna be the greatest and I'm finally gonna ask out that boy who's so popular and has never noticed me and honestly I just can't wait for the prom! Plus, I'll finally get to treat freshmen like crap, because man, they deserve it, it's gonna be just like that awesome hazing scene in Dazed and Confused, but with more mustard! Columbia is way more interesting than these people, could we please prove it to the freshmen?

  2. Michelle = hot  

    It needed to be said because it's true.

  3. Scholar  

    I'd like to point out the hilarity of claiming the Carman herd mentality is annoying while she shouts out to her own former herd. I'm going to dismiss outright the possibility that this was intentional.

  4. also  

    Michelle and her 100-watt smile!

  5. People...

    Michelle is a great person if you actually took the time to get her... And make a judgement about her personality based on more than the stereotypes of her hair color...

  6. i agree  

    she is genuinely a nice person.

    • WRONG.  

      Michelle is not a nice person, and as an insider, I can assure you that she does not have the student interest at heart. She will block a good idea if it's not her own, or doesn't work under the CC banner. Nor does she have the intellect to really improve the campus situation.
      I'm sorry, but that cheerleader persona masks something sinister.

  7. bwog  

    should pick random seniors rather than the BMOC types. though i agree that michelle is nice.

  8. wtf?

    freshman should make sure they protest? that is incredibly absurd and exactly the attitude that makes so many Columbia students insufferable.

    Class of 2011: DO NOT protest something just because. Do NOT think it's cool that there are so many activists desperate to relive the 60's.

    Instead, think critically about the world and what's going on around you. Challenge your peers who're willingly to blindly protest at the drop of a hat, and challenge your peers who think the protests are lame and a waste. You're smart, so show it.

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