1. yo...  

    I saw it last night at about 4am.

    I was totally going to press "Print Screen", but I'd figured you'd have it already.

    The website's pretty good lookin'.

    It actually looks like it belongs in the 21st century. If only they'd change the font on the newspaper to the new font on the website...

  2. logo

    I hope the logo on this notice isn't the one they plan to keep. it doesn't look 20th century at all; it reminds me of some second rate newsletter published circa 1973.

  3. aargh...  

    1973...ahh...a good year for newsletters.

  4. recently it seems  

    Seems like it's having issues, won't be up until Tuesday.

  5. I hope

    I hope the archives linger on

  6. In unrelated news

    In unrelated news, I did a search to see what it looked like, didn't find anything, but DID find a lot of hentai tentacle porn.

    What are they doing behind that grey wall.

  7. the trooth

    The Columbia Spectator's online edition will be unavailable today as we redeploy the site to a new server. [Yup, we're still fucked.] We hoped to have it up by now, but things are taking a bit longer than expected. [Our staff nerd has finally had enough. He walked two days ago and we're completely fucked. We have some dude off craigslist over here now bent under the desk showing off his "helpdesk smile", but we're really not feeling terribly optomistic about this endeavor.] Our apologies — it'll be online by Tuesday, in time for the first regular edition of the semester. [We hope that our staff nerd will come to realize that nobody really meant any of the things that were said at 1020 the other night and that we were all just kidding. If not, see you on CollegePublisher tomorrow!]

    --The Editor

  8. well...  

    It's up now, and it does look good (the front page anyway). Shame not much works...

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