A Fall From Grace

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Bwog was passing by the Barnard gates when something caught our eye. A baby squirrel tumbled off of the top of the gate and onto the pavement. Two security guards rushed over and picked up the little guy. His nose was bleeding and he seemed to be in shock. Efforts were made to put him back on the side of the gate, so that he might be able to climb back up. At press time, the squirrel was still on the ground, the men were still trying to help it back to its home, and Bwog is terribly, terribly depressed. Sighs.

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  1. so sad  

    poor baby squirrel.

  2. sorry  

    i knew i shoulda been more careful with my bb gun...

    • CPC

      don't worry, the Coalition to Preserve Community fights for your right to shoot little animals and law students with your bb guns from your windows. we'll never let columbia gentrify you out of the neighborhood!

  3. tsk tsk  

    security should have called cava.

  4. julia and anna  

    one time julia saw a baby bat die and she was terribly sad and cried a lot. and anna passed by the squirrel in question and quietly wept.

  5. thanks bwog  

    i really needed to read that. bludgeoned baby squirrels, very cheerful. im fucking starting classes tomorrow, i dont need this shit. if that fucking gate wasn't there...fuck barnard!

  6. I CRY FOUL  

    my last comment was deleted! it was something along the lines of


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