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hhBwog was partly saddened and partly relieved to see that the founding editors of Ivygate are handing the reins over to younger blood–nobody should really be running a college gossip rag when they’re more than a year out of the game (and now they won’t have to face defeat again). Besides, they’re off doing much more exciting things: former Spec editor-in-chief Nick Summers has been assigned to cover the Hillary campaign for Newsweek, while B&W alum, V112 writer, and senatorial sexpert Chris Beam continues to illuminate at Slate. We’ll miss their collegiate musings, momentary disloyalties aside.

Meanwhile, the new kids look promising–one of them ran the Daily Pennsylvanian‘s 34th Street magazine, which served as the inspiration for the one-year-old Eye (happy birthday!). And now they’ve got competition…but yeah, not really.

Cheers, guys! 


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  1. umm

    does anyone remember that other ivy league gossip blog that used to be ivygate's competition?

    yeah, I don't either.

    anyway, ivygate will continue to dominate so long as the ancient eight do (and let's just say 1.2 billion aspiring ivylings reading books like "how to get into harvard" in chinese isn't hurting the trend).

  2. lol

    hey, so when's the lit hum final?

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