1. architect

    just wondering -- what's the noise factor like in the buildings surrouding the two major construction sites on campus? (nexus and the new science center).

  2. Erm...  

    At least two of these articles are from the Orientation Issue... not sure if this is Spec's part or QuickSpec's.

  3. Correction  

    I has the correct word yes I do, I HOW the correct word, how 'bout you?

  4. 07 graduate  

    I'd like to comment that if no frosh got cava'd till wednesday and "more people attended a hillel ice cream party than the biggest carman party this year that they are clearly letting down their forebears. C'mon, the whole point of orientation is to skip nsop and spend those days getting drunk and laid by people you'll have to awkwardly see for the next 4 years. Failure to do so is to brand oneself a toolbox.

  5. um no corrections

    are necessary? it says "orientation articles edition"

  6. hmm

    is it just me or does the new spec site have no homepage?

  7. jaded upperclassman  

    i think i just threw up in my mouth a little, 2011 article guy. how can you get more saccharine than that?

  8. the observer

    the new site is a billion times better than college publisher. good job, kids.

  9. hey bwog  

    Why didn't you link more articles from today's issue? I definitely feel like I'm back at school now with the new Kulawik rant, even though he is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

  10. okay

    I shouldn't have to refresh the obsolete editor's note to see the front page. and the rotating article images are going to happen every day? it's like slate with worse writing and a far, far worse logo.

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