Free money at Lerner ramps!

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…kind of.

In what could be a cynically necessary (or unprecedentedly desperate) attempt to motivate Columbia’s legions of indifferent secular Jews, Aish is offering to shell out $250 to anyone willing to take their online course in general Judaism. While Bwog can’t help but question Aish’s methodology (even more in-your-face than a year and a half ago) its Columbia chapter head, freshly-ordained Rabbi Yehuda Zachter, is enthusiastic and quite approachable–the rookie organization has an office at Earl Hall, and Bwog is interested in seeing whether it is successful in carving out (buying itself?) a place in Columbia’s Jewish scene.

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  1. lol

    trying to appeal to jews by perpetuating the stereotype that they love i the only one who finds this funny?

  2. yup

    trying to appeal to college students by perpetuating the stereotype that they lack i the only one who finds this true?

    i'm as godless as they come, but i might do this for the $250...wonder how many other jewish non-jews are thinking the same.

  3. warning

    they have a rabid energy and will NEVER LEAVE YOU ALONE AGAIN if you give them your contact info. I wonder... is your privacy is worth $250?

  4. Anonymous

    aish is a scam. they present a modern, sleek-looking surface, but their ideas are arch-conservative.

  5. CML  

    This is tempting me to buy a "CU" yamaka and sign up. The only problem is my goyische first name.

  6. undisclosed

    sign up damn it! in droves. 1000*250 = 250,000. They might never come back.

    • i was mugged by aish

      as tempting as this idea sounds, the more people that sign up the more money aish gets from its funders. be careful about giving your contact information (guard your facebook profile also) They will cold call you well into your 30s.

  7. hey CML

    put on a handlebar moustache and you could make an extra 250 dollars.

  8. Borat  

    There are no Jews in New York.

  9. Savonarola  

    how can they tell if you're jewish or not? don't be stupid, just take their money and stay atheist.

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