Bastion of gender neutrality falls to arbitrary societal strictures

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cdfgWien’s undergone some changes other than landscaping. The single bathrooms on each floor have historically been used by both genders, but this year, complaints prompted the Housing gods to make them all either for women or men. When picking into housing, those with bad enough numbers to be stuck in Wien did know which floors had which gender bathrooms, but some had numbers so bad that they didn’t have a choice–meaning a walk up a flight of stairs to go to take a pee.

Last night on at least one floor, the issue came up during RA meetings, with proposals to make the bathrooms again open to all. Residents were informed that no floor would be allowed to switch, in order to avert problems of uneven overcrowding. Accusations of unfairness flew, while girls defended their right to toilet seats without pee on them.

The battle continues.


  1. thank god  

    i got a summer transfer

  2. what really matters  

    The university has a contractual obligation to uphold the agreement they entered into with residents, in particular the girls that agreed to gender-specific bathrooms.

  3. yikes  

    there was a gender-specific bathroom rider in the housing contract?

  4. actually

    the real reason for the single sex bathroom change from last year were multiple cases of creepy guys spying, taking pictures or recording girls taking showers in wein last year. Happened to one of my friends and security were so incompetent that by the time they questioned the guy he'd removed everything from his computer.

  5. Boys suck  

    So some stupid pervs were the reason I have to walk up stairs to pee? Lame.

    I would say that people should be mature enough to simply share a bathroom with someone of the opposite sex, but I perhaps that's a whole lot of ass, u, and me.

  6. alexw  

    I lived on Wien 10, and we used our coed bathroom without issue.

  7. ...  

    i lived on wien 8 last year and we didn't have any problems that i know of. this is actually the first i hear of any spying or peeping going on in the dorm. i wonder why these cases weren't publicized.

  8. well in

    the case of my friend, she told security about it. They then took like 3 months to follow up after she'd told them again to actually check the guy (who'd already deleted or moved whatever stuff he had). She'd already switched dorms by then because she understandably didn't want to live there.

    I dont think that this was necessarily a pervasive problem in wein--but probably a couple bad apples that forced Columbia to change its policy to protect itself

  9. ...  

    we didn't have perv issues. just sex in the shower issues.

    and for fuck's sake people spell it right- WIEN.

  10. A proud Austrian  

    In vienna, i mean wien, most bathrooms are single sex, maybe this was a change imported from the motherland?

  11. i lived

    in WEIN for a year and am more than happy to annoy the spelling nazis with my affront to their delicate sensibilities.

    For fuck's sake get a life.

    //wein, wein, wein

  12. ahaha

    I can't believe wien managed to actually get worse. welcome to prezbo's projects!

  13. For Jebus Sake  

    Are women constantly naked in women's only bathrooms? Are men constantly naked in men's only bathrooms?

    If you live in Wien, just share the bathroom on your floor, get over it, be generous to your floormates with something different between their legs.

  14. WEINBOT  


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