New Development in the War on Fun

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Here’s an addition to the list of fun prophylactics that currently includes bar scanners, NSOP party shut-downs, stricter RA rules, and chastising frats (more on that later)– Bwog hears the Lion’s Head pub underwent a police raid and fake ID roundup late last night. Will it never end?



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  1. Meh  

    I’ll be 21 in November...I held out this long without a fake; I think I’ll make it.

  2. Hmm  

    We need to get the Alums' support on this; it's fucking ridiculous. According to my RA, now even if your room is too NOISY, you will get sent straight to Dean's discipline (rather than get a warning first). And this is in a non-dry dorm.

  3. this is  

    bs. I feel like i go to wellesley.

  4. Alum

    Stopping parties in dorms is idiotic, but I can sympathize with bars not wanting to get constantly fined for having underage people in there drinking. Plus, given the lack of alternatives now Mona, Soha, Nachos etc are gone, they probably can enforce the drinking age and make just as much money as before anyway.

  5. dorms  

    there are ways to party in dorms w/o getting caught. most parties are silly enough to make it so damn obvious that the RAs easily bust it.

    you go to columbia. be smarter about it.

  6. it also

    really depends on who your RA is and who is on duty. some probably will be douchebags while others will care less.

  7. Reality Check  

    Though I feel bad for first years, and it blows that morningside is increasingly limited in the debauchery department

    let's note that the best bars in NYC are both: a) not in morningside and b) many don't card

    Do a little homework and head south

  8. #2 again:  

    Big Picture: Of course (most) RAs aren't going to enforce it; the point is that this has become a serious priority for Student Affairs and they're taking it to every level. Which means unless something is done about it, we are fucked.

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