1. why  

    is reni laine in that picture?

  2. and  

    that joey kid is hot.

  3. because...

    she was a model for Vena Cava's 2008 spring collection yesterday. It was fabulous.

  4. Reni Laine  

    sucks. She really does. Her "music" is painful to listen to, and her official artist biography claims she cured autism. She is the opposite of cute, and the entire frontiers of science lecture groaned last spring [audibly!] when the professor played her lame, senseless video.Enjoy your three seconds of fame, Reni - the world doesn't need a skinnier, lamer Fiona Apple.

  5. #4, thank you  

    You have spoken the truest of words.

  6. mclovin  

    because you really need a columbia education to know how to perfect that vacant, malnourished runway walk.

  7. bwog  

    is overrun by hipsters. get real people to do reporting.

  8. sounds like

    someone has got some issues. a girl gets out there and makes it happen on her own, kicks ass, and you want to beat her down. frontiers was obviously a joke...what was your extra credit project??? whether you like her or not at least she plays music she believes in and follows her vision.

  9. everytime  

    someone posts a pro-Reni comment, a little part of me dies

  10. Not a Reni fan:  

    To all defending you actually believe this is true? Or maybe, just maybe, is she a bullshit artist?

    "While helping raise and cure her sister of autism and struggling through her parents' divorce at the age of 13, Reni found solace in her piano."

  11. reni

    Um, wasn't this a Quickeye post and not a Reni Laine post? What's the big deal guys - it's just a picture.

  12. seriously  

    takes one to know one.

    i actually was in the seminar when she played the video, i dont know what lecture youre talking about. then of course, i never went to them. but in seminar, everyone laughed.

    she's fucking hot and she's doing business. the hipsters of the world (read, bwog) are obv gonna be jealous, shes doing what you cant. theres no denying what hipsters actually are: wannabes. theyre dying to be famous, to be artists, writers - and known for it. good for reni laine and it really sucks to be the person who wrote #4. i suspect who you are and you really need a life.

  13. senior  

    the best lit hum synopsis was "bullshit hum" in the blue and white freshman year.

  14. Yeah sorry...

    but that thing about Lit Hum was so unfunny it was painful, and I'm surprised at that because I generally think J.D. Porter to be a pretty witty writer.

  15. Stop It  

    Stop hating on Reni Laine--she works hard, has a decently devoted following (20,000 views of the Frontiers of Science video) and does what she does well. But even if none of that were true, you would all still share a school with her. Josh's column this week was ridiculous in terms of super-sweet sentimentality (and pretty bad writing), but he had it right that Columbia needs a civility check.

  16. Quckie  

    I miss EyePoke. QuickEye lacks originality.

    I don't know who Reni Laine is, and I don't care. If she's the girl in the picture, tell her to eat a burger.

  17. its funny that  

    all the reni laine posts are probably done by one person.

  18. Anonymous

    you guys are haters. let's goto burger shack. i actually like her album, i bought it. maybe my ears are broken.

  19. T-Pain  

    I'ma buy u a buuuuurgrrrrr...

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