1. buh?

    There's a Tri-Delt chapta on our campus?

  2. Oblig Simpsons quote  

    "A percentage of the units would meet West Harlem residents’ standards of affordability, but he does not know exactly how much."

    Zero! Zero is a percent.

  3. DHI  

    Al Pastor
    Carne Enchilada
    Beef Tongue
    Tacos Dorados
    The fucking chips with the three salsas
    Plus 2 tacos > 3 chipotle tacos in terms of size, and easily in terms of amount of meat (which should be the primary if not only ingredient of tacos)
    Also, I don't think "artificially tattered designer clothing" is a fair description in that non-sensical analogy, since Taqueria doesn't artificially tatter anything fancy.

    Not saying that Chipotle's not a good thing, but this isn't a fair comparison.

  4. Agreed  

    What's really misleading about the article is, as pointed out by DHI, the false comparison. A Tacqueria "mini-burrito" is just as large as the normal Chipotle one. Moreover, everything worth having in a burrito costs extra at Chipotle, bringin the real price above $8.50. Most importantly, DHI does well to point out that two tacos -- the real selling point of Tacqueria -- are WAY more food than a Chipotle burrito, and your options are better, too.

  5. hey  

    QuikEye, please. The new Eye looks way different.

  6. 3 salsa lover  

    taquiera baby burritos which are very much not baby size are 5.95. and, you's real mexican food.

  7. whoawhoawhoa  

    taqueria may have different options than chipotle, but it certainly isn't real mexican food. i'm not saying chiptole is either, because it's not, but real mexican food doesn't have anything close to the chewy, bland, poorly fried taste as every menu item at taqueria.

    and also? real mexican food has good cheese in it, not mystery flavored white plasticky gunk. yuck.

  8. cheese hater  

    Oaxaca Cheese is a white, semi-hard cheese of Mexican origin, similar to un-aged Monterey jack.

    Not arguing with that, #9. I'm just sayin' that taqueria's cheese doesn't taste good. Because it doesn't.

    And I'm not ordering the wrong shit, I'm not an asshole, and I don't think shredded Kraft is Mexican cheese. I'm just from Southern California, where there's good, authentic Mexican food on every corner, whether it be a restaurant or a taco cart.
    Soooooo sorry that it upset you to hear that Taqueria is a poor excuse for tasty Mexican food if you're used to much better.

    • DHI  

      Just because there's good Mexican food in California doesn't mean all good Mexican food has to fit your Cali-Mex tastes, or that it's the center of good Mexican food. I think Taqueria tastes good, I think their (yes I believe Oaxaca) cheese is good with their tacos, and I have had good Mexican in Southern California. And I'm pretty sure that oaxaca cheese is used in tacos in many parts of Mexico, which qualifies it as authentic.

      But hate on Taqueria if you want. You should at least check out Taco Mix down on E 116th. If you don't think that's a great taco, you're being way too particular about style.

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