1. a girl  

    i'm in that CC class!
    (i'm that girl in fact, please ask my permission next time)

  2. you are lucky  

    that must be really nice!

  3. the decline of bwog  

    wow bwog, ur sucking more and more. not that overheard stories aren't fun, but it's been done..correction IS BEING DONE. oh, and even if someone said something outloud, u shouldn't post things that are potentially conflict causers

    • oh please

      Bwog has been doing overheard stories since the beginning. In fact, they picked it up from the print B&W, which has also been doing them for years. This is not "the decline of bwog." Lighten up.

  4. in defense of  

    that girl in the cc class. Im in it too, and that's not what she said. bwog got a little lazy and cut corners.

  5. sugar daddies  

    Is your daddy paying your tuition? What defines a sugar daddy?

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