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kkA big Bwog welcome to the Blaaag (rhymes with gag, and not to be confused with Blaaaaahg), which we stumbled upon a few weeks ago before it officially launched on Tuesday. The Blaaag staff wants you to know that although it is specific to Asian American stuff, it is not the voice of the Asian American community, that it’s not Calvin Sun’s mouthpiece, and that it doesn’t gossip. Ever. 


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  1. Hmm  

    I'm assuming that Siberian Russians will not be welcome in this community?

  2. Niko's GS blog

    olumbia doesn't want to be liable. I say GS alums and GS students want to keep connected with each other. Columbia said don't do it. So, as you can imagine, I had to do it! So today, I unveil to you the first weekly edition of the typo-filled, forbidden, sometimes crass, sometimes witty, officially unofficial and under the radar GS blog. Let me escort you over to.....

  3. Everyone

    knows Calvin Sun's mouthpiece is bigger and meatier than the digital world can handle.

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