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dsfBwog believes that you should absolutely judge a group by its flyers, and with recruitment posters blanketing campus, there are a lot of pre-judgments to make. But even if you’re not considering joining any, you can at least appreciate what they say about the state of national politics, and how the clubs themselves are doing. The Columbia Dems, who recently won Chapter of the Year, appear to be in a triumphalist mood. And the Republicans…are being inclusive?






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  1. lolrepublicans

    invisible backbone

  2. many students

    on this campus sympathize with some very "conservative" positions.. the CUCRs have nothing to blame for their declining membership except Chris Kulawik's abrasive and alienating style and the fact that he's a complete power-mad control freak

    • Suckmioff  

      I agree, and I count myself as one of the conservative sympathizers who has been disgusted with Koala&Co. However, don't think the College Democrats are any better...while Koala relies on base theatrics, at least the College Republicans have brought in some high-profile speakers and had interesting events (John Ashcroft, for example). It seems the CUdems' main activity is reacting to Koala&Co, not actually accomplishing anything major or original on their own. This is pathetic for an organization with many times the funding and membership of the CUCRs.

    • wow  

      imagine that! the head of the college republicans has an abrasive and alienating style and has been described as a complete power-mad control freak!

      how could that possibly be? it's mind boggling! how could the conservatives end up with someone like that as their leader?

      well at least it's contained to columbia's college republicans club and isn't a problem that permeates throughout the national party!

  3. curious  

    Chris Kulawik can't be the only member of the College Republicans. It is really unfair to characterize that whole club as a monolith that does his bidding. There is at least an Executive Board. Maybe someone should start talking to those kids & find out why they are there. I would definitely like to find out why they're in it.

  4. College Dem  

    The Dems go on campaign trips across the country and lobby for legislation in Congress. They run umbrella groups that work on issues from same sex marriage to environmental rights. Plus they actually have fun. Translation? They try to engage the student body. I'd say that's just as good if not better than brining a speaker.

  5. dont judge a club  

    by its poster. on paper the clubs look similar, but we all know there's a difference between stunts and activism.

  6. ehh

    sounds like excuses to me. i'm interested in politics and examining issues from all sides, not being "engaged" on campus. i'd rather have an engaging speaker, regardless of whether or not he/she agrees with my personal politics. the one thing the repulbicans do well is advertise thier events. i'm not so impressed with the dems. i would have loved to see mike gravel speak last semester, but i had no idea he was even on campus (maybe it was promoted within the dems, but i'm not a member so i wouldn't know).

    besides, the repbulicans are fun too, if you actually take the time to talk to them.

  7. ron paul  

    is coming to manhattan for a meetup group. the republicans should try to bring him to campus when he's here.

  8. # 9 was

    a reply to #6. sorry.

  9. Reply to 9  

    The dems didn't bring in Mike Gravel, that was the Political Union, and it was kind of last minute. In response to number six, the dems don't have an umbrella group that works on Environmental rights to same sex marraige. I believe you are referring to the Roosevelt Institution, which is an autonomous and non-partisan entity.

    I think the take home point is that if the dems spent half as much time actually doing things as they do bragging about their membership, it could be a successful club.

  10. Bipartisanship  

    How about the Dems and GOP work together to bring in some ostensibly "independent" speakers, like Bloomberg, Hagel, Lieberman -heck, even Ross Perot. Doesn't matter if these people are "conservative" or "liberal," what matters is that they aren't afraid to rebuke their party and take maverick positions.

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